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Up, Up and Away!

8 September 2003
It's that time of year again in Reno... the sky is full of beautiful multi-colored hot air balloons as the Great Reno Balloon Races are in progress... a sight that amazes me every year. Truly majestic in appearance, the balloons float gracefully across the Reno skyline, and the biggest draw of all is the ... (read more)

Reno Heats Up with Hot August Nights

14 August 2003
I pulled into the Boomtown Hotel and Casino Reno's RV Park on Wednesday morning. The place was already buzzing with RVs and classic cars... quite a mix. The bluff above the park was also a sea of RVs "dry camping" for the Hot August Nights event. It is always such a positive experience when I come to stay at Boomtown. ... (read more)

Playing Tic Tac Toe with a Chicken in Reno

4 August 2003
Okay, I admit it, I've been trying daily to beat a chicken playing Tic Tac Toe... it doesn't seem that it should be hard to do, beat a bird with a pea brain at a game like that... but the chicken has beat me... Some people have beat the bird, and they got $500 for the win. ... (read more)

Reno Casino Update: Back in the Saddle Again

27 July 2003
Well, the news is pretty good so far regarding the arm... surgery isn't on my options list... there were 5 breaks, and the displacement wasn't enough to have to endure any more trauma from a surgeon's knife... as in "WHEW!" I could barely make it prior to this ... (read more)

Ol' One Arm in Reno

22 July 2003
I hit the ground with the echo of snapping bones ringing in my ears. It turned out that I had hit the edge of the asphalt with enough force to shatter my upper arm (the humerus) into five or six pieces... so I've had a CAT scan and I'm waiting to hear if I am going to need reconstructive surgery. ... (read more)

Slot Fill Times Irritating?

14 July 2003
One of the things sometimes left behind in the rush to add slots to a casino appears to be the technology to make life easier for us, the gamblers. The advent of tons of penny slots, and games converted to multi-denomination slots, has taken away the levels of service given the players. ... (read more)

Reno - Hot Slots and Summer Fun!

6 July 2003
Reno is still home to winner after winner, and I've been watching all kinds of happy people wandering around telling tales of jackpots. That is one of the reasons Reno is so much fun...and why people return time after time. There are choices in Reno, choices in games, ... (read more)

Thunder Not So Loud?

29 June 2003
Thunder Valley, the Station Casinos/Auburn Rancheria casino that opened on the 9th of June in Lincoln, California (just over the mountain from Reno) isn't having a very visible impact on Reno, and I think maybe there are a couple of issues that will keep things that way. ... (read more)

Off the Chest

22 June 2003
I think it is time to put the heart back on the sleeve and express myself a little clearer and a little better about the purpose of and reasons for the Reno Gaming Guide because I think somewhere along the line a little of the purpose has been lost, at least on the end of the prime receivers of the benefits of the website... ... (read more)

New Slots, Events, and Even a Couple of Coupons!

15 June 2003
I'm happy to say that maybe things are on the way up for the Reno Gaming Guide. I have a couple of print 'n' clip coupons for you for Boomtown Hotel and Casino in Reno so if you want to check them out, they are ready for printing! Now if I can just get all the casinos in ... (read more)

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