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It's About Time

11 December 2004
Time to get ready for the new year. Time to make resolutions that will be broken later...out of habit, out of convenience and in your mind now as great ideas. The casinos are doing the same...making resolutions that probably won't mean much, making plans that will probably cost too much. It's routine, it's habit and it is convenient! Ah heck, it's the Holiday season...indulgence season. ... (read more)

Coming Back with New Attitude

18 November 2004
It's been a long year that has had me sidelined with personal problems and trials and challenges that have had me more or less silent for months. Another "silencer" was the response I got from the Reno newspaper's business editor when I called him to let him know about the "What Reno Needs" section of ... (read more)

All Together Now

1 March 2004
It's all together now! The "marriage" of the two websites is complete... The Reno Gaming Guide now is linked with Visit Reno through the What Reno Needs To Do section. John Muller of Visit Reno wrote a nice little php script that allows your thoughts to post on both web sites and send copies to several ... (read more)

What Reno Needs to Do

1 February 2004
The people are speaking out... telling me what Reno needs to do to get their business... and daily I am finding out that Reno needs good and reasonable transportation... by air, by bus, and yes...even by train. Reno needs to bring back its pioneer roots as far as gaming goes... go back to the foundation of cheap food; great, reasonably priced entertainment; and better gambling... ... (read more)

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda....

17 January 2004
It's already been that kind of year... the shoulda's, woulda's, and coulda's are catching up on the gaming industry (and the rest of us too... I think). Binion's Horseshoe in Vegas was closed last Friday night by the Feds and a few other agencies... landing Becky Binion Behnan in the shoulda, woulda, coulda pile... ... (read more)

Buying, Selling and Expanding Reno

21 December 2003
Reno is growing, changing, morphing again and getting bigger and better. Tamarack Junction out on the southern end of town is expanding. The parking lot is finished and now it is time to get on with the expansion of the casino... to about three times its present size. It is needed; the area around it has grown with new subdivisions and high schools and shopping. ... (read more)

Reno's Got the Holiday Spirit!

6 December 2003
Reno is getting set for the holiday season. And the casinos are full of color, of activity... new slots... some casinos sporting new ticket-in ticket-out technology. You can't beat it... it's pretty... and it is full of fun for all who choose to come and gamble in Reno every fall. The Sundowner Hotel and Casino shut its doors...three weeks earlier than planned... ... (read more)

Memories of Other Fires

30 October 2003
I've been watching the fires raging through Southern California on the television, and believe heart goes out to all affected by the fires. I used to live in Crestline...above the Devore fire...and I used to live in Big Bear Lake...and am familiar with the horrible plight of fire on the mountain. ... (read more)

Reno's Hoppin'...

18 October 2003
Reno is morphing again...into slots, new systems, new tournaments and games, great shows...the list just goes on and on and on. Jackpots are going off like leaves falling off the trees... and that's the kind of play we all expect and want. I'm feeling real good about gambling in Reno during the fall months...and I'm hoping everyone else is feeling that way as well. ... (read more)

Judging the Laughter in Reno!

28 September 2003
I had the best opportunity to get out and laugh my socks off this past week in Reno... JUST FOR LAUGHS...the comedy club at the Sands Regency hosted the 28th Annual San Francisco Stand-up Comedy Contest and Wednesday night I had the honor of being appointed as a judge for the event. It was a laugh riot on and off stage... ... (read more)

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