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Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Is He Diamond Jim Brady?

22 May 2022
Reader Brady got lucky and drew a big, winning video poker hand during an early May morning. He just isn't sure how to feel about it."I should know better by now," Brady said. "I've been playing video poker long enough, almost 40 years. Since I retired last year, my wife and I play just about every week, but I changed video poker machines without checking the game."That can be a more
Articles by Jerry  Stickman
Articles by Jerry Stickman

Is Pick'em Poker the Game for You?

21 May 2022
Most video poker fans prefer variations of draw poker.These include Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double-Double Bonus Poker and Bonus Poker Deluxe.Others prefer video poker games that have wild cards, such as Deuces Wild, and Jokers Wild.All of these games deal five more
Articles by Dan  Ippolito
Articles by Dan Ippolito

Casino City’s Friday Five: Massive slot jackpot and horse racing payouts edition

20 May 2022
Everygame Casino Red is enticing more players yet again with a bonus spins offer on a new Penguin Palooza slot. Before we dissect the details of the online casino’s offer, we have a few other top stories to tackle. A Florida casino paid out over $1 million to a lucky slot player, a horse racing bettor at Mohegan Sun nailed a superfecta bet on the Kentucky Derby, Las Vegas gets ready for Memorial Day Weekend, and MGM Resorts completes an acquisition on a Las Vegas Strip more
Articles by Royal  Flushes
Articles by Royal Flushes


19 May 2022
CINDY: My play of mini-baccarat has had a lot of ups and downs. Yet, it is one of the easiest games to play. It’s flipping a coin with an added option.ABBY: A bad option too.CINDY: That's the “tie” bet that has an outrageous house edge of 14 more
Articles by John  Robison
Articles by John Robison

Ask the Slot Expert: Monty Hall plays Survivor

18 May 2022
The current and prior seasons of Survivor added a twist that illustrates the Monty Hall Problem. Survivor has two types of challenges. In an endurance or last-man-standing challenge, the last person still standing on a buoy or balancing a ball on a plank more
Articles by Frank  Scoblete
Articles by Frank Scoblete


17 May 2022
There was a time when everybody celebrated Christmas or, at least, our society assumed everybody celebrated Christmas. It was a magical time of year and, as a kid, I believed in magic. Heck, there had to be magic; I could see it in the world round me, couldn’t I?There were glowing lights of all colors throughout the avenues and in the stores and store fronts in Brooklyn where I lived my early more
Articles by Dan  Ippolito
Articles by Dan Ippolito

Top 10 new casino resort restaurant openings

16 May 2022
Casinos and resorts are constantly renovated or opening new attractions and venues to stay ahead of their competition. Just a few weeks ago we covered 10 openings and expansions, but this week we are focusing on a specific area, more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Triple Play and Taxes

15 May 2022
QUESTION: I had a great hand on Triple Play Poker, and it left me with a tax question.I was playing 8-5 Double Double Bonus on a quarter Triple Play Machine. I was dealt Ace-Jack of clubs and a bunch of low cards, so I drew three cards.Miracle of miracles, the bottom hand brought the other three Aces, the middle hand brought the 10, King and Queen of clubs, and the top hand brought Jacks of spades and hearts.That gave me four Aces for 800 credits ($200), a royal flush for 4,000 credits ($1,000) and three Jacks for 15 coins ($3.75).An attendant congratulated me but told me I had to sign a tax form before she could pay me.That didn't seem more
Articles by Jerry  Stickman
Articles by Jerry Stickman

The 8/5 versus 7/5 Debate

14 May 2022
Stickman,Consider this hand: 9, T, J, Q, 9 unsuited.The right play on a Jacks or Better, or 8/5 Bonus Poker game is to hold the low pair over a four-card open-ended straight. However, on 7/5 Bonus Poker, why is that incorrect?Why on 7/5 Bonus Poker is a four-card open-ended straight preferable to a low pair?DanHi Dan,That is a very good question.Since the only thing that has changed is the pay table, the answer has to lie more
Articles by Dan  Ippolito
Articles by Dan Ippolito

Casino City’s Friday Five: Las Vegas Strip shakeup edition

13 May 2022
After a trip to Las Vegas, I am back to break down what took place this week in the gambling world. While in Sin City, rumors were rumbling about that there will be a property sold by Caesars Entertainment. Before we take a closer look at that, we have some other top stories to more

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