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Articles by John  Marchel

Focus on Blackjack Play

10 April 2021
If you play basic blackjack strategy the house will have a less than one percent advantage over you in the long run. By adapting a card-counting system a player can eliminate the casino’s edge altogether and gain a substantial advantage. Some systems are very easy to learn, while others are multi-level and difficult to more
Articles by Dan  Ippolito
Articles by Dan Ippolito

Casino City's Friday Five: Sports betting and vaccine perks

9 April 2021
This week around the gambling world we have a variety of news to share, highlighted by two more states in the U.S. approving online sports betting. Alongside those pieces of news, we also see a chance to win at Tesla at BitStarz, the launch of and Gun Lake Casino giving vaccinated guests a little something extra.Let’s begin with a shot at a new more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Dealer Mistakes

8 April 2021
Question: I was once at a Three Card Poker table and the dealer paid out all bets even when they didn’t qualify. I never said a word. I figured it wasn’t my job to properly train the dealers or to supervise them. Of course, the benefit was modest.ANSWER: I think most table games players have seen situations where payoffs were made by more
Articles by John  Robison
Articles by John Robison

Ask the Slot Expert: Readers' advice to hold on to slot winnings

7 April 2021
Question: I read with great interest your answer to the reader's question on how to walk out with your winnings and not put it back into the machine. I too have had difficulty getting up from a machine -- whether winning or losing. A long time ago at the old Atlantic City Hilton, I had a run like never before, or more
Articles by Frank  Scoblete
Articles by Frank Scoblete

I Misspoke

6 April 2021
Most of the time when you go to the casinos you have fun. You have ups, you have downs, you have great meals, you see some fun shows, and in short, you experience the works. You go home and soon look forward to your next trip to the temple of Lady Luck.I have been going to casinos for over three decades, some years I’ve gone over 130 days! Yes, I have seen just about all of it – including strange more
Articles by Narciso   Baldo
Articles by Narciso Baldo

Top 10 reasons why online poker isn’t dead

5 April 2021
For years, break even and even losing poker players have been vociferously stating “poker is dead.” Those that argue this are typically who were used to winning when poker was easy and then didn’t improve. As stated, they are likely break even or losing players who are frustrated and vent in this way.While online poker is no walk in the park and the standard is unquestionably higher than 15 years ago, it is in by no means dead, as I’ll explain in this article.New players are entering the game every year looking to play online more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Tales

4 April 2021
Reader reports on unusual casino happenings include a set of "woulda, coulda, shoulda" tales."If only I'd made this move or not made that one, I woulda, coulda, shoulda won big."The latest comes from Giorgi, a video poker player who had second thoughts about a play he made on a quarter 9-6 Double Double Bonus Poker machine."I had an Ace of clubs, 10 of clubs, Jack of diamonds, 8 of hearts and 7 of clubs," he wrote via more
Articles by Royal  Flushes
Articles by Royal Flushes

Will Everything Return?

3 April 2021
ABBY: While we have gone to casinos a few times this year, the feel just isn’t the same. Would you agree with that observation?CINDY: We are still trying to dig ourselves out of the worst illness of our lifetimes. I never thought we could be brought so low by a more
Articles by Dan  Ippolito
Articles by Dan Ippolito

Casino City's Friday Five: World Series of Poker returns to Las Vegas edition

2 April 2021
Due the COVID-19 pandemic, last year’s World Series of Poker was moved online and had a totally different feel to it than we’ve been used to over the years. However, this year the world’s most prestigious poker tournament is heading back to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Doubling 11 versus Dealer 10

1 April 2021
QUESTION: I was thinking about blackjack hands I consider a close call, and started wondering how big a mistake it is to go contrary to basic strategy.The one that really throws me is hard 11 when the dealer has a 10 up. The strategy charts say to double more

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