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Reno - Hot Slots and Summer Fun!

6 July 2003

Reno is still home to winner after winner, and I've been watching all kinds of happy people wandering around telling tales of jackpots. That is one of the reasons Reno is so much fun...and why people return time after time. There are choices in Reno, choices in games, choices including craps and roulette, as well as drinks served on a complimentary basis to players at the tables and the slots. Reno offers such a diverse variety of entertainment choices, it is almost mind-boggling, as well as the dining and hotel choices. There is truly something for everyone, and it is a joy to be able to make choices daily. Chances are available everywhere to win something for basically nothing, with free drawings, coupons, free pulls on special slots, and player club sign-up bonuses. There is a promotion going on in virtually every casino in Reno, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe. No wonder it is so much fun!

Winners photos are coming in again, so if you get a chance, take a peek. See what all those winning combinations look like, and look at all the smiling faces. Just think, you could be one of those people! Boomtown Hotel and Casino had a big keno winner, and Eldorado Hotel Casino has a lot of winner's photos with some really sweet jackpots! I like looking at the photos, and realizing that these are just everyday people like you and me... so pop by the RENO GAMING GUIDE and check it out. And while you are there, why not take a moment and stick a pin into the guest map, or post a message on the message board and be sure to leave a trip report if you've been to Tahoe or Reno!... and of course, subscribe to the Reno-Tahoe Gambling Weekly e-newsletter before you leave. It wouldn't be complete without that! For the latest in casino tournament and promotion news, look at the links and visit the tournaments section. There are a lot of new things to go after in Reno!

The Fourth of July festivities began yesterday, as Gold Ranch Casino RV Resort in Verdi held its Glory Days 2003 with $2500 cash drawings and had live entertainment by Uncle Funkle and a tremendous customer appreciation barbecue! Hundreds of people showed up for the event, filling the casino, and lined up for the barbecue and entertainment out back. The casino stayed full for hours after the event... I'd say it was a whopping success... don't feel bad if you missed this one, there's another shot at it coming August 23, with the First Annual Gold Ranch Mountain Bike Challenge, another $2500 in cash drawings, as well as yet another customer appreciation barbecue, and to be determined yet, more live entertainment. Earning entries is easy, get some gas, buy some food, play a little, get a natural four of a kind with max coins bet... the list goes on and on... all entries, including winning entries are being put into a grand prize drawing drum for a 2003 Jeep Liberty being given away on September 15.

I noticed in the newspaper the other day that Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. (HET) had sold their Harrah's Vicksburg Hotel & Casino in Mississippi to Columbia Properties Vicksburg, an affiliate of Columbia Sussex Corp. a hotel, resort and casino operator out of Fort Mitchell, KY... which happens to be the company that owns the Horizon Casino in Lake Tahoe, and is the recent purchaser of the old Maxim in Las Vegas, which is currently set to open in the fall of 2003. The name has changed, it will be The Westin Casuarina Las Vegas and will offer Westin's modern luxurious accommodations. I found it interesting, because I've found that the Horizon is always very quiet about the other activities going on... thought I would pass it on.

The Fourth of July means that the International Chicken Wing Society is having a cook-off on South Virginia Street, with "wing-tastings" going on and there's plenty of opportunity to sample the fares.... and grab the great entertainment.. as well as the parades and picnics and fireworks going on all over the place, it's a great time to be in Reno, and even I'm going to go get some wings from Fitzgeralds Reno's Wing Booth.... Two bucks is getting me a basket of wings, and I need some of Mr. O'Lucky's special sauce... heck, at this rate I need a bathtub full of the sauce and I'll just try and soak up some luck! If it works, then I may drop by The Sands Regency for the Pool Party... more great entertainment, drawings, and a cool evening by the pool. More fun!

And wrapping things up... I see that the Susanville Indian Rancheria is going to expand its Diamond Mountain Casino, which is north of Reno in California. They have a $7.5 million dollar loan that will allow them to triple the size of their casino... but not a threat... that only means they will have 250 slots. But still, it shows the California tribes are still expanding, still growing and still being built... but then again... Reno has craps, roulette, and drinks still free to gamblers. And like I said at the beginning... Reno still has choices. Lots of choices. That is good! See you around the gaming floors!