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All Together Now

1 March 2004

It's all together now! The "marriage" of the two websites is complete... The Reno Gaming Guide now is linked with Visit Reno through the What Reno Needs To Do section. John Muller of Visit Reno wrote a nice little php script that allows your thoughts to post on both web sites and send copies to several major hotel/casinos, plus a copy of your thoughts will go to Mayor Cashell's office too! It's slowly taking off, so I'm asking one more "all together now" kind of question... if you would... if you could... if you think you should.... send your thoughts! Just click on the "What Reno needs to do" text on the home page and put your mind down there... your chance to make a difference has arrived!

Northern Nevada just had its inaugural Northern Nevada Gaming Summit to address the marketing challenges facing the area. I would have died to go but didn't have the funding and nobody sent me an invite... could it be that they weren't ready for the truth? I don't know, but hopefully some eyes are opening, and hopefully the same people that did attend the Summit will be aware of the whole picture and not just half a picture. I'm about to find out, because I am getting out there and mingling all next week with folks who can count. Another one of those "we'll see" kind of deals!

I've received a fair share of hotel offers from the Reno casinos, and have tried to take up a few of them. I spent two glorious nights last week at the Reno Hilton on a buy one get one free deal... and man, whatta room and whatta view! I was on the 21st floor overlooking the aqua golf and the airport... it was gorgeous! I could see the Atlantis and the Peppermill too... and the room was terrific. I could have used some in-room coffee though... I live on coffee. One thing though... while staying there and playing there, I sat and waited to collect my husband's cash voucher because his slot had a paper jam. The lady came up, kept her head turned away, messed with the machine, took a handful of tickets out, made a call on her radio, and then walked off. She never asked me if that was my money or anything, and the machines were so noisy she couldn't have heard me say squat anyway. So I put the change light on and called her back and asked her where the money was. She told me that she turned it in as unclaimed and that the only way we could get it was if my husband had his card in when he played. That was a danger signal, because my hubby is famous for NOT playing his card. If he hadn't played it we weren't going to get it... Anyway, turned out he had played it (once in a lifetime) and twenty-five minutes later they gave him his money. I didn't play there the rest of my stay. Wonder why?

This Sunday and Monday I am taking my free room nights at Boomtown from an offer that included a food voucher too... and since I turn 50 on Monday I couldn't think of a better place to go do that than Boomtown! I think Boomtown is the perfect place to stay when you visit Reno. It has a shuttle that runs to downtown Reno... it has great food, great slots, a great poker room, a truck stop, a trucker's casino, a terrific buffet, and the GREATEST RV PARK in town... also with a shuttle up to the casino too... even has a Chevron station and a car wash... nobody has that much in one place... and the gaming is good. It also is in the most scenic location... I know I won't have problems playing there... nice safe environment.

Getting around to Reno and its happenings... From the Silver Legacy...Players are going to like their odds in the brand new $10,000 Legacy Lotto game at Silver Legacy, where any player with a Club Legacy card can win $10,000 instantly. Every cardholder has an opportunity to play the free match game once a day on the main casino floor. In addition to a shot at $10,000, guests can win an entry to play in Downtown Reno's $1 Million Stay, Play & Win Slot Tournament and daily cash prizes totaling $500. Don't have a Club Legacy card? Membership is easy, free and the only thing a player needs to participate in Legacy Lotto from noon to 10 p.m. daily. To play, guests simply swipe their Club Legacy card in the Legacy Lotto machine and try their luck at revealing the hidden numbers of a six-digit combination on a touch-screen monitor. The player who first enters the correct combination automatically wins $10,000 and the game resets for a new round. Silver Legacy dramatically increases the odds for players every seven days by revealing one of the winning numbers up to a total of three numbers. Legacy Lotto players can also randomly win a certificate to play in Downtown Reno's $1 Million Stay, Play & Win Slot Tournament taking place October 24 and 25.

From the Silver Club in Sparks...Back by popular demand, it's the Player's Party III Slot Tournament at the Silver Club Hotel & Casino. You can earn free entry in the Player's Party $12, 500 Slot Tournament April 16 and 17, 2004. Players who earn a minimum of 3500 points from February 16 through noon on April 16 can earn a FREE entry by using their Quick Silver Player's Club Card. All Entrants will receive one tournament entry, two welcoming cocktail party invitations, two awards ceremony and buffet invitations and a tournament gift. All qualifying players who earn 5,000 points receive a bonus of room accommodations.

The Peppermill Reno is often over-looked... but I don't know why... they have a terrific casino with seven restaurants and 12 themed bars inside... all the neon and glitz that goes with gambling, great entertainment, and the PepperMillions giveaway. I have been going out and swiping my card every chance I get and am amazed... No matter how many cars are out in the lot I can always find a game I want to play... the latest hook to get me is to have Cleopatra Keno in multi-denominations... at least from a penny to quarters... and Peppermill has what appears to be zillions of them tucked away... no shortage of fans for these slots... so congrats to Peppermill for paying attention to what the gamblers want to play... Cleopatra Keno's are actually IGT Game Kings with multiple games to choose from, including all the popular poker games... and it is possible to play for a long time on these machines... so if you haven't played them, just check them out... also comes with the ever-popular 20-card keno games! And if you can, when you visit Reno, go out to the "Pep" and see what you think!

All kinds of things are going on in Reno, and as we get closer to spring and summer the outdoor activities will take the forefront again and I am looking forward to that! So come to Reno, have some fun, and by the way, did I mention that you can make a difference by putting your thoughts about What Reno Needs to Do to attract and retain your gambling business? (duh) Just remember your thoughts and ideas can make a difference!