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What Reno Needs to Do

1 February 2004

The people are speaking out... telling me what Reno needs to do to get their business... and daily I am finding out that Reno needs good and reasonable transportation... by air, by bus, and yes...even by train. Reno needs to bring back its pioneer roots as far as gaming goes... go back to the foundation of cheap food; great, reasonably priced entertainment; and better gambling... with more focus on the gambling. Yes, I think that even means bringing back the coupons of old... and they need to reincarnate the graveyard shift as a viable time to gamble in Reno. I even think that they should eliminate the Sunday through Thursday limitations on the graveyard shift as well as the specials that run during the day and swing shifts. Reno needs to look back to proceed forward. They say you will never get where you are going if you forget where you came from... and maybe that is part of the problem!

John Muller of VISITRENO.COM and I are working together on a little project, and John's post on my message board on the RENO GAMING GUIDE explains it well, so I thought I'd post it here and get your comments.

I was reading the responses from visitors to this site on Star's "What Reno needs to do" page. I called her and we decided to join forces on this issue if enough of you are interested.

How it works now: You email Star and she places your opinion on her page.

How it can work: You can post your opinion on either this site or and your input will be immediately listed on both sites. You'll be able to read visitor's comments FROM both sites ON both sites. I'll even include a list of the major Reno hotels with a check box next to each one so you can select which property you want your message to be sent to. It's an easy and (hopefully) effective way to let them know what they need to keep you coming to Reno.

Please email Star and let her know if you think this idea is worth the effort. I'm doing the same thing on and we'll see how many of you are interested in participating and making Reno a better gaming destination.



Since John has more experience than I do scripting this kind of stuff, that is what he is working on. Together we hope to bring the visitor's input to the casinos in hopes of creating a better environment for everyone visiting Reno. So if you have your thoughts about what Reno can do to better itself to make your visits more frequent and more enjoyable, please send me an e-mail and let us know what you think. You can send your e-mails to and share your thoughts about this subject with me. John and I are moving ahead in the development of this should take us about a week or so to get all the scripting done to make this as automated and easy as possible. Meanwhile, those of you wishing to share your opinions of what Reno needs to do can continue to e-mail me and I will continue to add to the postings. Reno needs help... let's give it a hand!

Another casino closed its doors in the last week in Reno... Rocky's Sports Casino made the decision to close... they were slated to close on the 31st but didn't make it that long. Sorry to see it go... and I hate to say it but it made the shoulda' woulda' coulda' pile too... I always thought it should have been a casino with a sports bar, but it was more like a sports bar with some slots. It isn't what downtown Reno needed... yet another empty spot.

That is why your opinions are so valuable... there seems to be a lot of indecision in the background... sometimes it appears that maybe the Reno casinos don't know their market as well as they think they do. That is why I keep harping on the subject so much. It is our duty to let them know what we want to see...for that matter...what we expect to see waiting for us. So please, if you can take a moment or two and let me know what you think and/or expect, please do so. Together we can make a difference!