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Spring, Winter, Spring

20 April 2001

Lake Tahoe has one guarantee... and that is winter ain't over until it's over... Today while watching the snow melt virtually in front of my eyes, and as the dreaded pine needles resurfaced to beg for raking, the weather report calls for more snow by tomorrow. If the snow keeps up at this pace, those pine needles will be here until well into the summer... that is if I am lucky.

Harrah's Lake Tahoe is still being transformed... with this phase of the remodel scheduled to be completed by May 10... If you haven't been to Harrah's for awhile, then you just have to make a special trip just to see what has and is being done... they have the most wonderful new ceilings to literally gawk at... So elegant... and well planned... It's a must see... plus all your favorite games await... I always hear people winning when I walk through Harrah's... and wish I had the time to stop and enjoy myself.

Horizon Casino is still busy moving in the new stuff... and you can find all kinds of machines that are unique to their casino in the Lake Tahoe area. Having hosted a $7.7 million dollar MegaBucks winner and a $415,000 Quarters Deluxe winner in the last year, you will be sure to want to "try your luck on" here... Also, coming soon, another fun summer season on the outside...with the first Craft Fair of the season being held on Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28. Followed by the best Tahoe Truckin' Fun event held June 8 - 11. See you there!

Caesars Tahoe still offers the biggest choice of wheeled toys to win... what color of what was it that you wanted to win? A yellow Lamborghini Diablo? A Mustang convertible, A Nissan Frontier 4 x 4 Pick-up, a deluxe Harley Davidson fit for Caesar himself, or a Mercedes? You can try for all of them... just check with the Emperor's Club Booth, or look for the vehicles on the casino floor... you won't miss them! Also home of the best paycheck promotion, where 15 people take home cash from a weekly drawing... from $50 to $1000... and Break the Bank, where Emperor's Club Members get a chance every day to win up to a million bucks.. No questions asked!

Harveys has lots of slots that you won't find just everywhere, and the ones that look like a whole bunch of fun have to be the new multi-denomination slots featuring games like "The Munsters"... and it also has the only Poker room on the South Shore... so if you have the urge to play a few hands in a friendly game, you need to be at Harveys. Also home to the famous, award-winning "Tahoe Players Club"... with the ever-popular and famous "Reel Rewards." Details inside.

Lakeside Inn still offers easy access sports wagering in their new Sports Book downstairs... enjoy the 31 television screens, and have a brew from the Tavern while you are at it... and if you like keno of all kinds, then you simply need to migrate upstairs... they have the only 4-quarter progressive keno on the South Shore.

For those who always ask and wonder how I and how the are faring in the wake of the tidal wave that hit when the big deal crashed on us with the sudden yanking of the financial plug, in what appears to have been a deliberately set stage of events... well, I am foundering along. It would be dishonest and out of character to lie and pretend it is all hunky dory... because it is not. While the spirit and the drive may have remained intact, the yanking of the financial plug appears to have caused enough damage to possibly shut down all of my web sites as early as Saturday, and lose me my dial up access. This would not be as painful if it weren't for being 'that close' to accomplishing one of the primary goals... which would have resulted in my being able to bring the gamblers more information and the daily jackpots from areas other than just Lake Tahoe. It also would have allowed the Gambling Gripes and Giggles feature on the to serve as a primary intermediary service for gamblers who are dissatisfied with their treatment at any casino and would like to seek some sort of resolution. It has already been of benefit, it would have been nice to have been able to do that, as many sites get complaints about casinos, but have neither the time nor the resources to deal with complaints. It was my hope to take their load off... because I like bringing the casinos back with their gamblers. After 442 days of adventure, fun, and education... of being steeped in the gaming industry like a tea bag and writing about my area, I am going to be one depressed mama when it comes to the day I am at last knocked off the web. Maybe Goliath did squash David after all... but then again.. As long as there is breath, there is hope.

I apologize for not having the jackpots posted on the 18th... I awoke to a flat tire, with a screw and a nail adorning my tire. With heart, soul, and wallet into staying up and fighting, I had to wait until it could be fixed at discount.

Remember, even if I vanish, that you can always find some hot, hot games at the Lake.... and this is one river of cash that continues to flow... no matter what the weather. Every one of the casinos at the Lake has been spending the winter months making it "better" for the gamblers. Everybody has something new to offer, and is gearing up for a wild summer at the lake... so print it and put it on your wall, GAMBLE TAHOE!