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Tahoe's Still Cookin'...

22 September 2000

Gaming at the lake is still HOT, HOT, HOT! Lots of folks walked away with huge smiles and fat wallets...again. Latest reports from the HORIZON CASINO tell me that another lucky soul won $415,000 on Quarter's Deluxe on Sunday, in the middle of their huge C00L SEPTEMBER DAYS celebration...over 400 custom and classic cars showed it filled the entire town with people...people happy to escape the heat of the cities...people looking to win...and did they ever win! Progressive meters spun wildly, and money poured...all over town.

TEAM HARVEYS is still going like the Energizer Bunny. They did the two-day concert, they are doing the "Play a Year on Us" again, daily slot tournaments are going on throughout the rest of September and there are a multitude of ways to gain entry. The Grand Finale Tournament will be held on November 3rd with some lucky winner walking with $100,000 in Reel Rewards cards. Still time to get in! Coming up on October 20th and 21st is Mitch Ryder. It ought to be a rockin' good time for all!

Caesars Tahoe still offers a chance at a million bucks for Emperor's Club members, plus second chance parties on Saturday nights. And that drop dead gorgeous Lamborghini Diablo still graces the casino floor...only takes 5 quarters to take a shot at the ultimate fantasy car! You can check out their Sunday and Monday NFL parties on their progressive jackpots page on my Coming soon, new tournament action when they introduce "Road to Riches" at the end of this month!

Lakeside Inn has the most easily accessed Sportsbook on the mountain. And it is bright, shiny, and new...and the area features oodles of big screen TVs to make sure you don't miss any action, no matter what you are doing! They have a tremendous lodging package on their progressive jackpots page. You cannot afford to miss the deals...or the great people that work there!

Harrah's Lake Tahoe is still offering all kinds of cash back bonuses on their Total Rewards card, and word has it that their website is going "LIVE" in about a week. Harrah's Entertainment has signed an agreement with to offer online games. Look for all the details next week!

While making the daily rounds collecting the 148 progressive jackpot amounts that I post online, I have noticed more new slots...and I have to say, a few are rather disappointing to me. Bally is offering a couple of new "Aussie" games..."HOT HOT HOT," and "Blazing 7's". The few that have tried them say that they are boring...and again...the words "It's just another 9-line slot with new pictures..." And while doing the rounds, I have been keeping a close eye on "THE ADDAM'S FAMILY". I think it is sad that IGT made it a 45-coin nickel progressive. It only seems to go up about $3000 a day on the meter, and I have seen 5-quarter poker banks with only a dozen machines soar that much overnight. The machines are impressive enough to look at, but they sit empty. Other empty banks include the quarter version of "Wheel of Fortune" that isn't progressive, the nickel version of Betty Boop, and the dollar version of "ELVIS". Hope they are faring well in other areas, because they appear doomed in Tahoe.

THE MOST ANNOYING SLOTS IN TOWN have to be the penny versions of games like "BREAK THE SPELL" and other games produced by ATRONIC. SLOW to rack credits, even a penny cash-out requires that two casino employees pay it as a hand-pay...and then they have to round it off to the nearest nickel. All the while, the player is FORCED to listen to the damnedest song, if you want to call it that. Talk about a time-waster. More have appeared in Tahoe since I complained about them about 4 months ago in this column. I think they are AWFUL...and can't stand to be within earshot of them...which means I don't go do the same things I used to, or hang around long. The minute someone sits down to play one, I am out the door. Hint to Tahoe slot directors. They come in a nickel version. Why not save my sanity? GET THE NICKEL VERSION. PUHHHLEEEEZZZE!

For those counting the days with me...the progressives have been online everyday for 232 straight days. Still need input from gamblers. What do you want? I still have a little room to add or subtract things...and I am working on getting a section devoted to online questions to casinos and answers from them. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW????? All reactions, questions, comments, and suggestions welcome!

Meanwhile, guess it is still sizzling in many places. The high has not exceeded 80 degrees in Tahoe...the lake is still blue, still full of cold water...and the ASPENS ARE TURNING BRILLIANT COLORS. If you haven't been to Lake Tahoe...think about it...great time of year to visit...and the casinos have plenty of jackpots still waiting!