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White Christmas Ahead

14 December 2002

If the weather forecasters are right, there will be plenty of fresh powder for the Christmas season, all over the Sierras. Current predictions are for six to ten feet of snow at the higher elevations between Friday and Tuesday. Higher elevations are usually set as anything above 7000 feet. For those who wonder, Lake Tahoe is at 6,229 feet, so it should see considerable snow amounts also. Let the winter fun begin... every ski slope will be celebrating the first real snowfall of the year!

Today’s news came that California’s gaming revenues could surpass Nevada’s within the decade. This comes attached to the news that Thunder Valley (the Tribal venture in Auburn, California) just purchased an adjacent 98 acres. That could be used for a hotel, although no plans have been discussed. Thunder Valley Station Casino is scheduled to open in June and will be roughly the size of the Silver Legacy Resort Casino, said Station Casinos Inc. spokeswoman Lesley Pittman.

The Reno casinos are lining up their holiday fares for Christmas, and also for New Year’s Eve. The best of the Reno chefs are lining up food delights by the tonnage. I’ve been working on updating all the information as it comes to me on the Reno Gaming Guide so you can once again check the "Holiday Treats" section, as well as the "Casino Tournaments" section.... and while you are at it.... subscribe to the weekly newsletter, and stick a pin in the guest map showing where you are from! I want to light that sucker up!

I was reading Jean Scott’s article the other day about the problems some experienced video poker players were having with casinos ignoring them, or worse.... like the reports coming out about Greektown in Detroit, which actually seems to have banished about 30 experienced video poker players for being smart players. It’s disturbing to think that happens anywhere. I thought the object of playing a GAME was to be a good player exhibiting skill and wisdom that comes from experience. When you get punished for being a good player, maybe it is time to re-think the entire definition of gaming! Ah..... sometimes the so-called wisdom of the upper levels in charge of decisions just amazes me.

If anybody is thinking of traveling by auto over Interstate 80 or US Highway 50 to Lake Tahoe... for that matter, anywhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains between now and Tuesday, please take a moment and check the road conditions. They are saying there are going to be some very dangerous blizzard conditions. I’ve made it easy on the Reno Gaming Guide. There are direct links to both the California and Nevada road conditions that are updated hourly. And be sure and carry chains. If you ski, it looks like you have just hit a large jackpot full of fresh powder. So think Reno, think Tahoe, and travel wisely. Happy Holidays!