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Viva Flamingo Las Vegas!

16 March 2001

Recently I created a "Gripes and Giggles" section for casino complaints and casino laughs.. where I had promised gamblers intervention to help solve their gripes with casinos... knowing how many times in the past I had left a casino in a huff, swearing to never return... over an issue that could have been resolved so easily if I had known who or where to take it to. Seeing one too many disgruntled gamblers mad over easily resolved issues, I was determined to create a bridge that would offer the casinos a chance to win back their gamblers, and also showcase their ability to "make things right" when the situation calls for it. If someone is trying to be dishonest or just plain scam the casino, it is easily checked, and validated, and that too hits cyberspace.

The first person to find the two sections over on my website was Jim, from the East Coast. Jim had visited the Flamingo Las Vegas with his wife in February for a six-day stay. A misunderstanding of sorts occurred when Jim asked a pit boss for a couple of breakfast buffets after hours of tracked play. The pit boss failed to check his table rating and refused, and it wound up with Jim taking his table play elsewhere, though he continued to stay at the Flamingo. He had written the casino host division, but to no avail. I called the Flamingo Las Vegas and spoke with the Casino Host Division, and wound up faxing all of Jim’s papers to Matt Buckley, Director of Marketing at the Flamingo. Matt promptly called up Jim, saved the Flamingo a valued guest, and Jim is once again a happy camper... Let’s just say that Matt gave Jim and his wife something much better than a couple of breakfast buffets... HATS OFF TO MATT BUCKLEY AND THE FLAMINGO LAS VEGAS! Anybody else who has an issue that they would like to have resolved can do as Jim did and click on the banners and fill out the forms. It is that easy to get the ball rolling.

Now back to the Lake Tahoe happenings.... Caesars Tahoe has a new slot section and fully remodeled Sports and Race Book, and is raffling off two cars (details available at Emperor’s Club booth)... one is a yellow Nissan Frontier 4 x 4 Pick Up..... and they are still offering the only viable paycheck promotion where you can win up to $1000 every week simply by cashing your paycheck... plus you get all kinds of neat coupons. They have also added the quarter slot game "Slingo" to the casino floor.

Harrah’s Lake Tahoe has a moving wall.... it moves with the progress of the remodeling going on in the western half of the casino.... so talented.... my friend Jay-Dee keeps having to move the signs on the wall enclosing the construction area... maybe they should give her an honorary hard hat! It is really looking great. As the wall moves, it leaves in its wake a whole new Harrah’s to look at... it is going to be extremely nice.

Horizon Casino keeps getting more new slots on the floor, and the rumor that bigger changes than that are in the future plans.... Nothing surprises me about this side of the Horizon... they have been adding new toys on a routine basis, and several games can be found only at the Horizon...

Harveys has a new CEO in charge of day-day operations, Wade Hundley, and I had the opportunity to pop into his office last week to meet him... Even though it was a brief meeting, as he stepped out from another meeting to meet me, it quickly occurred to me that this man can and will do a lot for Harveys and he will be an asset to the Lake Tahoe Gambling Community. Look at it from my point of view... when you don’t look down your nose at "Martha Average Gambler" and you are at the top of the corporate food chain... then you are someone I can respect. Welcome, Wade... Harveys has some multi-denomination versions of my favorite Aussie-style slot... The Munsters.... gotta check it out and see how the dimes, and the quarters, and the.... play!

Lakeside Inn has a new Cash Bash drawing held weekly in the Tavern.... they have some new slots, and still have the only progressive quarter video keno on this side of the lake... in fact... more and more people are showing up over there playing keno these days.... but they have quite a "pickin’" to pick from.... and live keno too.... well, heck... you just will have to drop in yourselves...

I am still in the process of getting my site moved... but it still remains the gambler's source for the daily progressive jackpot amounts from all the south shore Lake Tahoe casinos... along with weather, roads, maps, gaming news, and more... And soon, you probably can look for progressive jackpot amounts online daily from major properties in Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin, and Sparks Nevada too... I wish I could say when the move will be complete... but it is all so complex for the peon in me! There is a lot to still be done...

Anyway.... Tahoe still has snow... lots of snow.... lots of pretty scenery, that mammoth blue lake with the reflecting snow capped mountains.... the friendly more intimate casinos... the hot slots.... the hot table actions.... just without the killer pace of the city. Come Gamble Tahoe!