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Uniting The Gamblers

10 August 2001

If one more person tries to tell me that gamblers are the epitome of apathy, I think I am going to start spitting nails for a hobby.... and for stress release. Since I hear from so many gamblers full of frustrations, and full of marvelous stories, I don't buy it... not for one minute.

Sure, there are many who tried to be heard in the past... could it be in the days prior to the birth of the internet? Now our globe is wired, people are connected, more are connecting every day. The corporations haven't quite figured out the strength of the web yet... they seem to think that people don't surf around, slurping up information, creating conversations, asking questions, and comparing notes... I'd like to know what they think, or how they think, because by ignoring the conversation, they are losing out on the truth behind their numbers...

With all the corporations in this country laying off workers by the gross or more, it just seemed time to add a place for the gaming industry employees, and ex-employees... a place where they would be able to connect with each share experiences, and to be able to see how each other is being treated across the country... so after giving it some thought... "The Meat Market–Gaming Industry Employees" section is on its way.... with a preview available online today.... just drop in on the and look for the link to the meat....

So if you are a gambler, and you have a gripe... you know where to go... The Gripes section, and if you just want to rate a casino... you know where to go... The Casino Rating System, and if you just want to tell stories, and share gaming info, and connect with other gamblers... the message board is still there for you too... "The Gambler's Pipeline".... so come visit... just drop in and say "hi" if nothing else...

Just because the Tahoe Gaming Guide is idle, due to lack of corporate interest at the moment, doesn't mean that I have gone away, and just because some corporate officials think it best that I get over it, put it behind me, and move on... doesn't mean that will happen. Instead, I choose to use the experience of the 544 days I gave Lake Tahoe as the final brick in the foundation underneath me... and will continue to serve the gamblers and the gaming industry employees as best I can... by helping create a strength never seen before... as "The United Gambler's Association." Let them chew on that for awhile!

If you have information as to the wages paid gaming industry employees in various areas of the U.S., I am collecting info as to hourly pay and benefits available... to compile so that employees can check out various properties, and areas... and would appreciate it if anyone wishes to share it.... Comments, suggestions, and info can be sent to ...