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Time Travel

12 April 2003

Uh-oh.... it’s another pretty day in Reno, with everything springlike, including the weather. What’s wrong with that? It’s just that as soon as I drag out the sandals and tees, the weather does an abrupt turnaround to winter. I should note that, as usual, it looks like a stormy weekend ahead. I think, however, this time the snow levels are going to be a little higher, which is good for the snow pack. We still need more water content, it has been a dry winter. The weather report says snow for Saturday through Tuesday, so it’s time to dig out the storm gear again, but I’m keeping the sandals and tees nearby. It doesn’t last too long, and spring is really trying hard to take center stage.

Reno’s kicking up its heels with the better weather. I’ve seen lots of RVs heading this way... and stopping over. Gas is down again in Reno... down to $1.89 at my local Arco station, so for the drive-up gambler, it is getting more reasonable to trot over the mountain and do some good old-fashioned Nevada gambling. Food specials, tournaments, and room specials abound... and for those who are watching their gas consumption, you might make Boomtown Reno your first stop. They have drawings daily for several $25 worth of gas at the Boomtown Chevron, and you can also enter a drawing held on the last day of the month for $1000 cash or 1000 gallons of Boomtown Chevron gas. I’m in, are you?

Speaking of Boomtown, I sank my teeth into their new International Mexican Buffet, and came away more than satisfied. Wow! When you enter the Silver Screen Buffet, you are greeted by this immense dessert island, with everything imaginable in it... I found the Bananas Foster really good... but that’s skipping to the end. Let’s start at the beginning, when I found the "peel 'n' eat" shrimp and the quesadillas at the same time. I’m a sucker for shrimp. Then, I went and downed some of the best chicken enchiladas I’ve had, hat’s off to the sauce... and I’d be embarrassed to name the numbers of different delicacies that I sampled... oh, and if you go, look to see if they have any of that Pepper Steak back by the mashed potatoes and gravy... it’s really good too. So that’s one down... there’s still the Monday night Asian buffet, the Tuesday night Rib buffet, and the Thursday night Italian buffet. Thumbs up to Boomtown for the treats!

I looked at some of the entertainment scheduled around Reno, and had to blink twice, such a throwback in time! Over at the Eldorado, they have Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!, a tribute to the Beatles starring RAIN!, which has a dinner and show package available ... and over at the Silver Legacy, it’s Tim Conway and Harvey Korman this weekend, April 11 & 12, and just a dash over on the ad, the amazing woman I didn’t expect to see headlining in Reno, a name synonymous with Las Vegas, a name also that used to appear with Elvis... On April 26th, Ann-Margret & Company. I thought it was really a treat to see so much of the talent that helped build the casino industry still out there giving us their best. And, last weekend, it was the Glenn Miller Orchestra at the Reno Hilton. Now that’s going a back a little in time!

The RENO GAMING GUIDE has more new winner’s photos up, and it has a new look. I’m starting to re-design a few of the sections, and there are so many winners smiling at me, I decided they deserved their very own set of pages and links. I also have managed to get most of the subscribers back for the Reno-Tahoe Gambling Weekly newsletter and am still getting many more new subscribers... if you want the Reno information in your e-mail weekly, and you want it free, all you have to do is enter your e-mail address in the subscribe window on the links page... and you will get it. It also will be out earlier in the day on Saturdays, as the new mailing service sends it at midnight CST... so you may wake up to it in your mail... because I’m going to have to post it for mailing on Friday nights. The tournament section is undergoing major changes, so you can look forward to that too. Lots of stuff going on in Reno, and more coming up. Easter has a lot of specials, contests, great dining... and that section should be up by Sunday at the latest. You can look for all kinds of changes... and all of them will be good. I promise.

I noticed the reader board in front of the Horizon Casinoat Lake Tahoe is advertising that you can win a Mini-Cooper playing keno. I don’t know how much it costs, but I do know it takes an 8-7-6 ticket to win. I’ll play... but then again, I’ll play any keno game once if I can afford it. I was in the Horizon recently, and I have to say, the casino floor looks better than it ever has, and if you want an incredible selection of slot machines mixed with all the popular table games that make Nevada gaming what it is... SPECIAL... and you happen to be at Lake Tahoe, be sure to stop in. They always were up to something... and it was always new and good. Hard to find all the right mix sometimes, but you will find it there.