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Tahoe Slots Still Hot!

29 September 2000

Tahoe Slots still hot! And so is the keno! Hot off the press, photos still being taken on the casino floor of the Horizon, as they pay off a $50,000 keno ticket. You might remember that just recently they had the $415,000 Nickels Deluxe jackpot hit. On top of that, someone just cleared out Harrah's Tahoe for $36,000 on a three quarter slot; plus on Saturday, they gave away a Harley Davidson motorcycle... appropriately the day of a large motorcycle poker run that started at Harrah's Reno! Plus Caesars Tahoe gave away $15,000 on a two-dollar token poker, and another $9000 on a two-dollar slot. Don't forget they have terrific NFL parties on Sunday's in Club Nero's, and on Monday nights in the Sportsbook... More chances to win! Harveys has been doing their "Play a Year on Us" promotion all month.... Lucky winners of the daily tournaments will compete for $100,000 in Reel Rewards cards... Sure wish I had some of those. I need something to change my own luck... and to pay the bills! Lakeside Inn is having their $10,000 slot and video poker tournament on October 21st.... 96 lucky players paying only $25 each have a shot at thousands of bucks... There is a link to the tournament info and their great lodging deals on their progressive's jackpot page on the

Now you can get your continuously updating gaming news on, because I have added a page with a news feed... Pretty convenient way to check on the dealings of the gaming industry. I think everyone will enjoy the many headlines and accompanying stories! Other changes to look for include an area events calendar, the Lake Tahoe facts section, and soon, well, hopefully our next sponsor... Horizon Casino is on our drawing board too! Also, coming back front and center will be the hourly road and weather conditions, along with important ski information... Yep... skiing is right around the corner... get those skis tuned up and ready... Just about a month and a half away! Plan on some superb gaming, too!

Several people have taken the time to drop an email my way, or to fill out the simple survey form on the site, and it is time to thank all those people for taking that time. I enjoy each and every response, and have answered all that have provided an email address.... But I need more. More input, more happy people, more comments, more questions. Actually, someone told me that I need a million hits a month! I have tried and tried and tried to visualize that number... Closest I could figure is I need about 33,333 people a day to visit.... Anyone got about 33,333 friends to tell? Just kidding.... But maybe I can inspire a little word of mouth help?! After 240 straight days, I need all the help I can get... and a little sleep wouldn't hurt, either! Maybe corporate "ankle biting" isn't as good a deal as I thought... Dentist tells me the front teeth have to go.... the pain tells me that too... But like most things in life... it costs. Teeth will have to stay a bit longer.... What good would I be without my smile?!

New slots are appearing daily in town.... I see new multi-denomination Game Kings from IGT popping up in new places, and a bunch of new "Aussie" games to toy with... Doesn't matter where I go, they are all improving the selection! You will most definitely want to try the "Jackpot Bingo" at the Horizon... CDS has a winner with this one... And the payback ain't bad, either! Don't forget the Freaker's Ball on Halloween..... Get freaky in Tahoe!

Harrah's Tahoe is announcing a new slot promotion that will start in January 2001, and that is all they are saying about that... plus their website goes "Live" and is teaming up with for some terrific deals... We will all want to check that out.... Welcome to the "LIVE" world, Harrah's!

I appreciate all the support and advice more than words can tell you. This has been a rocky road and I wouldn't have wanted to go it alone. Thank you fellow gamblers.... And again... a big fat THANKS to my parents.... I won't call them elderly again.... think I'm the one putting the years on! Without my parents never-ending support, I wouldn't be writing this today. Here's to the future!