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Tahoe again???

25 May 2002

While standing in a park on a warm day down in Nevada City... in the middle of the sentence that would have been the final word on moving into the house that had been offered to me... my cell phone rang... it was my son from the Bay area... with an offer of another house... this one in Tahoe.... since "free" is a better price... I could do nothing but look at the friends that had offered their house... and utter a line that Gilda Radner was famous for... "Never mind....."

I still know nothing more than what was said... other than the house should be ready in a couple of weeks... but it looks promising. Since I feel fatter after wintering in a motor home... and haven’t been putting the progressive jackpots online since September 30th of last year... it seemed like a natural to think of resuming the jackpots on a daily basis... my health can’t argue a brisk pre-dawn jog through the Tahoe casinos... it is the one element of the Tahoe Gaming Guide that I sincerely miss... but this time... it isn’t going to be a freebie for the casinos... it’s going to be available by subscription... and if they want to support the rest of the effort, then they can wander over to their new address... that’s right... the Tahoe Gaming Guide is going to be incorporated into the site, and Tahoe can just sit back and join in with Reno, and eventually Las Vegas.

Reno just keeps doing things better and better. I cannot argue the amount of give-aways available for new players joining slot clubs in Reno casinos... I have countless pairs of dice, playing cards, pens, and hats....things that Tahoe casinos evidently deemed useless.... or just shaved from the budget.... anyway, it’s been eons since I have seen a Tahoe casino really part with any "goodies" which is really kind of odd... when I got to Tahoe some 18 years ago... I had everything from tee-shirts on down... available from all kinds of promotions.... the last couple of years, the number reached a pleasant zero. If you go to Reno to gamble and take part in the many promotions... you have to go to the Silver Legacy casino, get yourself a "Club Legacy" card and just look for the enclosed glass structure with the TEN MILLION DOLLARS inside... if you can’t visualize that much money... here’s the opportunity to see what it really looks like... just don’t slip from all the drooling going on around it!

The El Dorado Casino in Reno is offering "Bucks and Benz" parties.... and if you ever really keep track of casino winners in Reno.... a great deal of the larger jackpots get hit there.... you can have a look for yourself, as the El Dorado has adorned the walls going up the escalators with photo after photo of smiling people getting millions of dollars in jackpots.... it is an inspirational trip up or down. You can win all kinds of vehicles and other great things at the El Dorado... and if you can... you just have to make their Friday night seafood buffet... only $14.95.... and you won’t be sorry.... not if you enjoy great seafood!

It’s going to be like winter here for a couple of days... even in Reno. The wind hasn’t shown much mercy the past few days... and as I write, the RV is rocking like an out of control cradle.... there is snow predicted in the mountains tonight and tomorrow morning (May 20 and 21)... and I like it... It’s going to melt quickly... Memorial Day is supposed to be in the mid-80s and that is what counts.... the RV park I am in at Gold Ranch is opening up another fifty-some spaces.... it should be a great weekend to get out and enjoy either Reno or Tahoe.... there are special events a plenty going on.... Tahoe always has a huge bash planned.... and so does Reno.... so if you want to do something a little different.... think Reno... think Tahoe... heck... just think about Northern Nevada... the pace is a little slower, the gambling is always more enjoyable.... and the scenery has something to look at and enjoy... something always lacking in Las Vegas.... the trees are blooming in Tahoe, the mountains still have a "snow cap" and it just doesn’t get any better than this.