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Super Bowl, Action Ball, Chinese New Year

25 January 2003

The BIG GAME weekend is here, Super Bowl Sunday promises to be one of the biggest draws to Reno this weekend, as sports bettors line up to place their bets. What a game it promises to be, the Buccaneers and the Raiders, it’s a party not to miss.

And parties there are plenty of, as every casino in Reno has geared up to this main event. There are free parties, there are parties you have to pay for, but there’s no such thing as a bad party! From the smallest casino to the largest casinos, there’s food and drink specials, special Super Bowl XXXVVII merchandise deals, there are autograph signings, buffets, cash and merchandise giveaways... whatever your mood, I’m sure it can be matched with a party. I’ve been updating the Super Bowl 2003 section on the Reno Gaming Guide, and it’s amazing!

John’s Club members at John Ascuaga’s Nugget are busy playing Action Ball, in hopes of winning a shiny new 2003 Corvette convertible, it’s going on until March 16th, so if you get a chance, it is worth getting into this one.

Chinese New Year is always a favorite time of the year, it seems to be true, if you attend a Dragon Dance your luck will be good all year. So if you need a refresher, and have the opportunity to be near Boomtown Reno on February 1st at 2 p.m.

The free dance will bring alive a Chinese tradition believed to offer good luck and fortune to all present. The festive sounds of drums, gongs and bamboo sticks will scare away evil as the ceremony begins in Boomtown’s hotel lobby, at the north entrance of the casino. Performers will don vibrantly colored lion suits. Boomtown Vice President and General Manager Jack Fisher then "awakens" the lions’ eyes, ears, nose and mouth with a ceremonial mixture.

As the lions wake, they will rise to catch a hanging head of lettuce representing great monetary fortune in the coming year. The lions then dance through the casino, delighting crowds while weaving their way to the Boomtown Convention Center. Sounds just like what the doctor ordered for me in the luck department.

Eldorado offers a really great deal for the over 60 crowd... if you’re a Club Eldorado member and 60 years or older, you receive a two-for-one voucher for breakfast or lunch in Chefs’ Buffet Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and $5 off shows in the Eldorado Showroom, a 10% discount in Eldorado shops, free VIP parking and free daily entree into the Whirlwind of Cash Drawing, as well as special casino, food, and showroom specials in the mail. I really like the Chefs’ Buffet, so it comes with a strong recommend on this end!

I’m currently sitting on the bottom of a plateau that is the Boomtown Reno RV Park... overlooking a scenic draw that is host to the Truckee River and the train track. It’s as scenic as it can get. The facilities at Boomtown are first rate, and I’m happy to spend the night down in this part of Reno. The other park has a rule that every 28 days we all had to move one space, and stay in it for another 28 days, and after 84 days of being pawns on the chessboard we have to leave for 24 hours. It means a whole day without convenient on site internet access, Boomtown offers a phone jack in the RV office... and I find it sort of like a mini-vacation. The over-abundance of rules had me in need of it anyway, and offers a chance to spend a little more time looking Boomtown over.

Currently it is raining lightly, the weather has been routinely "nice" for this time of year. If memory serves me right, last year at this time of year I was in the middle of moving out of my home of 17 years at Lake Tahoe. The weather was uncooperative, below zero temperatures with blizzard conditions. It was nothing short of miserable trying to move in those conditions. This year is proving so far to be the opposite. It’s nice to be able to enjoy winter so fully, from the outside, as well as the inside!

I’m still getting new subscribers to the weekly newsletter coming in, and want to remind everyone, that it is free, and comes out weekly with news of Reno and the gambling scene around the city. I’m still being discovered, a little more every day. If you like what you see on the Reno Gaming Guide, and want to help spread the word, please tell a friend and encourage them to do the same. That’s what makes this thing work so well! Also, many have contacted me to say that they haven’t been to Reno yet... the key word is "yet" and the plans are in the works to come. I think it is a terrific place to visit, a lot of history, great numbers of things to do. It isn’t boring...come see for yourself!