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Snowy October!

4 October 2002

I had to go to the dentist on the first, and on my way across town, I passed many cars coming from the higher points around the lake with several inches of snow on the hoods. The roads weren't covered, but the rooftops around the lake were sugar coated. Maybe the weather guy was right when he said we were going to bypass autumn and go directly to winter. Later in the day, while traveling outside of Reno, I found myself in a rain shower, and suspiciously there were little balls of frozen "goo" stuck on the hood. It's been cold... sweatshirt cold... wool sock kind of cold.

I'm just glad the weather didn't come in until after "Street Vibrations" was over. The anticipated 15,000 motorcycles was more like 20,000 or more, and if there weren't 50,000 people walking around drooling and gawking, then something must be wrong with my eyes. The reflection of all the chrome and the shining of all that beautiful paint was absolutely awesome. Harrah's Reno had Tom Petty on their Plaza for free, motorcycles were everywhere, even the parking lot at the Sands Regency was full of blinding chrome and stunning paint; and Canned Heat was at the El Dorado, for free. Motorcycle icons like Jesse James were displaying their awe-inspiring artistry, the street was crowded with bikers, tourists, and you name it. I found out why my son bought a raffle ticket for a bike he couldn't describe, when I saw the stunningly flawless young girls in black leather thong bikinis and motorcycle chaps selling the raffle tickets. I had to laugh, my husband bought a ticket too, and I would feel safe betting his eyes never even came close to that motorcycle... not with those butts in the way! Everybody had a great time, though there were a few accidents, including one fatality up at the lake. Still, given the numbers, rather, the herds that came, it went off pretty flawlessly. I've never been to an event like that, maybe the closest thing being "Hot August Nights" recently with all the classic cars and rods. It was really something to see when they all seemed to leave at once on Sunday, heading up Interstate 80 to beat the weather. I'll never forget that seemingly never-ending roar. The next day seemed intensely quiet.

Fall brings out the tournaments in Reno. Over at John Ascuaga's Nugget they are having their $130,000 Cash 'n' Cruise Giveaway, where they are giving away cruise tickets and cash for what sounds like a really neat promotion. Everybody winning cruise tickets will cruise together, and with the Ascuaga's, and lucky staff members! It's a party made in Heaven for gamblers who like tournaments... and it is different. I'm going over to join John's Club so I can go for this one... I need a break!

I should have the entire Reno tournaments section of the Reno Gaming Guide completely updated before the weekend gets started. As well as more party news in Brew 'n' Balls to keep the Monday Night football fans happy.... and as soon as the rest of this root canal ache leaves, I should be on target for finishing up that how to play section. This, I hope will be of help to those who need to use the translator on the site to learn in one of eight languages.

Harrah's Reno has "Harrah's Monday Night Huddle" and is offering a chance to win a FREE trip to the Pro Bowl. The Grand Prize drawing is for a Trip to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, and there are also chances to win weekly trips for two to Harrah's Las Vegas, as well as a weekly $250 Slot tournament with a $2500 Grand Prize and they are giving away free buffet coupons and merchandise. All kinds of giveaways going on at Harrah's Reno too.

Reno, I think, is a great food town. Special Events revolve around food, everybody is always eating, or talking about eating. October comes with the World Championship Chili Cook-Off this weekend on Virginia Street. Over 300 chili cooks and hundreds of arts and craft vendors will fill the street. Then on October 12th and 13th the Eldorado has their "Great Italian Festival" with more wonderful aromas when they fill the street in front of their casino with the sights, sounds, and tastes of Italy. October 23rd - 27th is the Nevada Day Celebration as Nevada celebrates its 138th birthday in Carson City.... with a Grand Ball, a parade on the 26th, and the wonderful carnival and FOOD booths, along with handcar races, and the World Championship Jack Drilling Contest, entertainment, historical activities, and fireworks. Carson City really comes to life for this every year, and offers all kinds of things to do with, and without, the kids. It is worth checking out, it's just down the road a little from Reno.

I forgot to mention last week that after winning the little football at Gold Ranch, we went home to watch the rest of the game, weary, and forgetting about the 49'er tickets... as Nature would have it, my husband, who never wins those things, won, they pulled his name from the barrel and didn't get the tickets! Looks like he got caught "short-coining" his chances! And, guess who... won another football this week! Looks like I'm going to have a collection!

So, again, I ask.... why do Vegas all the time? Reno offers more than most people think, and right now, it is a pretty time of year, as fall takes over the color charts. Some people say that they win more in Reno than they do anywhere else. I think it is entirely possible.... So look up your favorite casino, find a new one, whatever, the phone numbers are all in the in the Casino Directory, and if you take a moment to subscribe to the newsletter, I will fill you in every Saturday... for free.