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Snow Coming to Lake Tahoe

30 November 2001

As I write this, the first significant snowfall is expected to arrive sometime tomorrow, Saturday, November 24... a little later than hoped for by area ski resorts. Normally slated to open Thanksgiving.... this year the opening was delayed by rain.... lots and lots of rain fell Thursday, with chain controls going up and coming down all day.

Stateline casinos were nonetheless extremely busy by Thanksgiving evening, marking some return to normalcy after the September 11-caused slowdowns. The buffets were packed, the tables were seeing heavy action, and the slot players were having a blast with all the new games.

Recently hitting town... the newer 9-line version (nickel) of "Let's Make a Deal," and "The Three Stooges." Also, more casinos have added the new multi-denomination versions of "Hundred-Play Poker." Most are set to accept nickel or dime play, but there are a few that cover the gamut from nickels, to dimes, to 20-cents, to quarters, to half-dollars, and to dollars.

Marriott is making progress on the building of their new "Residence" Hotel on the California side of the state line... and the Heavenly Gondolas are gliding constantly up and down the mountain... the expected storm should leave people pretty happy... as footage is expected.

I spent my Thanksgiving at one of Harveys fine restaurants, "The Seafood Grotto." Unlikely place to have a Thanksgiving dinner, but then, things are still pretty rotten for The Tahoe Gaming Guide... why not just crawl into a corner and feast on "brain" food.... Especially when it is really great seafood, which it was. I can't remember ever having a bad meal at the Grotto... so it was comforting to sit expectantly waiting for great food, and knowing that is exactly what I was going to get. Thanks to Harrah's... for keeping the best seafood the best!

I have to admit, it looks like all the battles fought, and all the battles won, in the process of keeping my fellow gamblers informed, have been lumped into one huge loss that I cannot get up from this time. It has been weeks since I've written a thing, and for the first time I have to admit that there is a large void in my life. Since my time online is probably very limited, I'd like to ask one favor of everyone who reads this... nothing huge... but I really could use the cheering up... and with my online ties being severed.... drop me a snail mail.... if you could. I am really going to miss the ability to stay in touch so readily... the web has spoiled me. The mailing address is: P.O. Box 19754 , South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151. It would mean a lot to me! Thanks to all.

For that important get-away, great gambling, great service, and a bunch of smiling faces...