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Snow Again In Tahoe

13 April 2001

Well, here is is almost mid-April, and instead of spring showers... it appears winter has blessed the mountains again. Ski areas that were slated to shut down in a matter of weeks hailed the snow... and one local ski area, Sierra-at-Tahoe, reported 52" of fresh snow last weekend! Any thoughts of raking all the pine needles are now freshly buried. Not that I mind.

Caesars Tahoe still has the widest assortment of things that can be driven if you can win them... and the largest variety of ways to win.... there's the Lamborghini Diablo that will stop most people and get them to gawk at it... and there's the Custom Harley, fit for Caesar himself, and there's the duo of the Mustang Convertible and the Nissan Frontier 4 x 4 Pick up. Details on how to win the dynamic duo are available at the Emperor's Club Booth... and don't forget to swipe your Emperor's Club Card daily for a chance to win up to $1 million dollars... and the paycheck drawing... weekly, and the Second Chance parties... and the cash give-away drawings... it appears that they are giving away Rome!

Harrah's Lake Tahoe continues to undergo its transformations... as the "wall" surrounding the work areas has moved again... leaving in its wake a new and glorious glimpse of what Harrah's is becoming.... and wow.... it is amazing that they can move so quickly and get so much done... this phase should be completed about May 10th... Lately I have noticed many larger jackpots vanishing in Harrah's... recently a 2-quarter "Magic Carpet Ride" slot hit for $10,000.... I don't usually notice this one getting that high very often, and was spotted trying to do it on a mere two quarters!

Harveys has many of the newest Aussie-style slots including "The Munsters" in the multi-denomination slots... feeling lucky... up the bet from nickels to dimes to quarters to.... without changing slot machines! Also brand new on the Harveys floor... the new game "BATTLESHIP"... the only place on the South Shore to offer it.... and while you are at it, visit the Tahoe Player's Club and see what other goodies can be yours... You won't be sorry!

Horizon Casino is already well thought out for the summer.... someone wrote me last week and asked where to get an entry form for the Tahoe Truckin' Fun at the Horizon, prompting me to call... the event is being held June 8-11 this year... you can email me for more details... and this event is a real fun one.... and sort of kick-starts the summer season in Tahoe... where the slots are hotter than the temperature, and the outdoor scene around the casinos becomes lively again...

While walking through the casinos in the wee hours of the morning everyday for 434 days now, I have witnessed many smiling faces as they hit jackpot, after jackpot, after jackpot. This week has been a great week for spotting the happiest... I walked past several people who were in the process of collecting large jackpots.... Enough to drool over... room for envy.... But one thing I have come to understand is that Lake Tahoe casinos do give away more money than I could ever imagine... just on the progressive jackpots alone... with the progressive jackpots only making up a small percentage of the slot assortments offered on a casino floor, it is really hard to picture how much money really is handed to happy gamblers on an overall basis.

Well, for those following the crazy progress of the, and recently, the progress of the, which is the place where Casino Gripes and Giggles can be found.... if you are mad at a casino... let me know, and attempts to resolve the issues will be made. Why stay mad at your favorite casino when they screw up... or you think they screwed up? This gives the gamblers a chance to air their gripes, and the casinos a chance to catch those of us who fall through the cracks--often loyal customers accidentally caught in minor misunderstandings. Many gambling or casino-related sites get complaints, but have neither the time nor resources to deal with them. Since I don't mind... you can send them to me.... you don't know unless you try.... sound familiar?

Well, can't say that I am not flopping like a fish out of water in my attempts to carry on after my large dot-com "dream" deal blew into the perfect nightmare... Hollywood pales compared with the synchronicity required to make me die a web death... I can touch the goals that I set out to reach 434 days ago... but I cannot get them in my grasp. The financial devastation was planned... my server says I can only stay online until Monday afternoon... or all four web sites will be hobos in cyberspace, and my dial-up networking also will go... I don't sleep much at night anymore... seeking ways to expedite my own rescue and rebirth. I worry a lot... and have luggage under the eyes that will soon need wheels... my doctor would love to see me, something about blood pressure and something about a check up.... because they are sure I am going to blow. But in my efforts to preserve my original purpose and with progressive jackpots in the future from places like Las Vegas and Reno looking more promising than ever before, I cannot stop. Not without giving it my last and my all. I promised a dear friend that I would do it, before she died last year of cancer. If I cannot get over this hump, then I will be gone... a web memory. The big foot will have squashed the little web bug... and Edythe, honey, if you can hear me... this one's for you...

So if you still want the scenic beauty only an alpine setting can give, and you don't like huge crowds, but you still want Nevada gambling at its best... Then GAMBLE TAHOE... You won't find anywhere else on earth quite like it... not with gambling... not with a massive lake... not with this much money flowing like a river into the pockets of happy gamblers... spin after spin after spin.