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Skiing, Jackpots, Holidays, Deals Galore!

24 November 2000

Skiers and snowboarders rejoice! Lake Tahoe ski resorts are open, the ski shuttles are running, and you can’t beat the scenery! While the crowds are still "on their way," you should consider coming to Lake Tahoe NOW. Why? Because it is still sort of in between seasons, and every hotel has a deal going on rooms mid-week... The deals won’t last long!

If you visit the, you can get one heck-of-a deal on rooms at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe through December 20th. We are talking $59 per night, not per person... and Harrah’s has rooms that will impress the pickiest! The deal is only available through my website, and is good Sundays-Thursdays... Tell 20 friends about this one! Harrah’s has just completed a massive remodel of the property that has made it a real showpiece... leave it to Harrah’s! They also have some new games everyone needs to know about, Leopard and several I Dream of Jeannie’s with a wheel-spinning bonus, and Cleopatra now offer folks the chance to gamble their nickels on these new Aussie-style games.

Horizon Casino Resort has a great SKIER SUPERSAVER deal going, and if you want a deal that includes a lift ticket to your choice of area resorts, then this is the deal for you... you’ll have your choice of several places to ski or snowboard, and a great room at a really fun casino! They still are the only place to go in Tahoe to have a shot at CDS Jackpot Bingo. The progressive version with two meters... 15 or 30 nickels can win you either $98 grand or over $550 grand... And it has real decent bonus features... they also have recently added lots of new Aussie games, and have a very large selection of linked progressives that no one else has... including Party Time, and Slotopoly.

Caesars Tahoe is still offering all these chances to win large amounts of cash... you can Break the Bank for up to a million cash every day if you are an Emperor’s Club member, and you can play in the daily "Road to Riches" slot tournament until December 8th. The top 100 individual scores play in a tournament on December 9th, when one of them will walk away with $50,000 cash! The total prizes add up to $100,000... and it only takes ten bucks, ten Caesars bucks, or ten Emperor’s club points to get into the tournament, or you can shoot for the million on the Break the Bank and maybe win a Roman Reward that equals an entry. I currently stand 77th on the list!  Road to Riches ends with the final tournament on December 9th, but the "BREAK THE BANK" is ongoing through all of December... and maybe beyond!  Aw, come on... the ladies will just love looking at that Caesar they have....  I swear it is a Donny Osmond look-alike!

Harveys is still rocking, wrapping up their LIVE LEGENDS concert series with John Kay and Steppenwolf on the 24th and 25th. Can’t miss out... tickets have been at a reasonable $15 throughout the whole series... They have the Hard Rock Café inside, for those who really want to see one inside a log cabin inside the casino... great place... And man, have they been giving away the jackpots... one after another... They are still the largest casino in Tahoe, and offer a live poker game, too. Also worth mentioning is that they have dime slots. Everybody else gave up... but there is some terrific dime video poker there, and the dime action is very popular!

Lakeside Inn has to be the most easily accessed Sportsbook in Tahoe... the shiny new gem is located downstairs in the new Tavern... featuring 31 TV’s, a bar featuring $2 drinks, the Taberna Mexican food also shares the area, and there are several new mulit-denomination IGT games to choose from... plus if you go to their progressive jackpot’s page on the you can choose the lodging and food package of your choice!

For those of you who have been following the saga.. I have been putting the progressive jackpots online now for 295 days straight. I think somewhere in the ensuing fog, the point was to get the Tahoe casinos to envision the following: If one person can do something every day with NO budget, then think what all the casinos together could do DAILY with a budget!

At the beginning of this, I had hoped to have all the casinos signed up as sponsors in a matter of a few months. There was so much to "put off" -- the needed roof, and the removal of the dozen large pines looming over my home, personal and family needs... all had to wait.

My husband, R.C., has been patient to no end, chauffeured me during blinding blizzards, endured days and days of non-stop casino chatter, getting up every day at 1 am to do this with me... my parents put in every last dime they had, jeopardized their retirement, and never stopped believing in me, my adult kids have sacrificed, we have run the wheels off the car, and now, our survival is jeopardized. Today is my parent’s 59th wedding anniversary, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Yesterday I had two more teeth pulled and used every last dime to get a bridge so I wouldn’t look like the toothless old hag I am quick becoming. My 20-year-old daughter is expecting her first baby in a matter of weeks... I cannot help her, and it weighs heavily on my mind.

Tomorrow? Who knows where it will lead. It looks like the fate of my house is going to be history, so I guess that leaves a great big question mark for the future... but being a believer in total miracles... and there have been several on the road to the present, it ain’t over until it’s over! This was all for the gamblers in the first place, and it will either live or die by that standard. Guess everyone, including myself will just have to "stay tuned"... It is my ultimate hope that the one claw I have hooked into my idea and the one claw that I have hooked into the corporate attention span will eventually lead to clawfuls that will let my business just be itself and serve the gamblers the way it was intended to.

I am putting together a photo set that will show the new gondola that will go from about a half block west of the casinos to mid-mountain of Heavenly this year ... opening next month.... the proposed redevelopment plans, and the past and present views of Lake Tahoe for all to see. It should appear in about a week on the

You haven’t seen much if you haven’t seen Lake Tahoe. The slots are hot... the crowds are not (mid-week... anyway...) Make a casino employee’s day.... Come visit us midweek! Join the winners!