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Shake, Rattle & Roll

1 September 2000

I’m not talking about dice, either. Team Harveys put together the best outdoor concert Lake Tahoe has EVER seen this past weekend. Corporate Tahoe let down their hair and shook their booty two nights in a row!

Anybody know the feeling of electricity in the air when you just know you are about to experience something absolutely tremendous? Friday night, in the parking lot behind Harveys, on a massive outdoor stage with monstrous light booms, and 3,000 people in attendance, the mountain came to full life.

Friday night, the most perfect of the two, offered Edgar Winter, Peter Frampton, and Credence Clearwater Revisited.... and it also proved that one can go back in time, no matter who, and have the best time ever in Tahoe. Glow rings adorned corporate heads, secretaries revealed tattoos long hidden, suits vanished, concert tees appeared. Everyone went back to simpler and wilder times in the blink of an eye. I didn’t sit down for four hours. I don’t think anyone else did either. TEAM HARVEYS DID THE WORK AND GETS THE CREDIT... TEAM HARVEYS GETS THE THANKS OF ALL FOR DRAWING A LARGE CROWD THAT GAMBLED AND WON ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Saturday night’s opener was BTO, and it wasn’t hard to notice that every executive in the place still knew every word to "Taking Care of Business"... when it came to the part about "working overtime, look out..." I saw some on top of their chairs, dancing like they were 18, with fists in the air, singing along like there was no tomorrow. Then came Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad... everyone was dancing... again. I saw GFR 29 years ago in Long Beach, California... he was great then, and for someone who now is a grandpa.... the man can still strut his stuff, he hasn’t lost a thing, he was all over that stage. And corporate again, rocked out.

The closer was Joe Walsh, former member of the Eagles and, back when time began, the James Gang. Since I had been up rocking for two days straight, plus putting up the progressive jackpots from the south shore of Lake Tahoe on my website, I had to crawl off through the crowd that had once again surrounded the stage and leave the dream behind.

Follow up reports to me indicate that a lot of money cut loose over the weekend. I know two people who kept winning and winning on quarter keno... thousands went. I saw forty or fifty thousand go here and there, it is like some sort of gambler's dream lately... that nanosecond of luck sure seems to be hanging over this mountain top!

I got a chance to meet at the concert... went gaga over their equipment, and they are going to share some of the concert photos with me. They should be on the Harveys jackpots page by Saturday, along with more in depth coverage for those who like a little music with their gambling!

Lakeside Inn is now sponsoring the website, so you can find a deal from them on their progressives page. I LOVE THOSE GUYS DEARLY... THANKS MIKE, THANKS TODD... may everyone get a chance to be able to experience the meaning of their motto: "Always friendly...Always fun...Always."

Harrah’s Tahoe just hosted the "Millionaire Maker" slot tournament... always fun to watch, plus the place just looks every bit of the millions they spent to remodel the place... the beverage department recently got personal makeovers and they look really sharp! Congratulations, Harrah’s. I like walking through everyday!

Horizon Casino just had their "Best of the Mountain" rib cook-off... the smell was killer over at the concert at Harveys... So of course, we had to have "a little taste"...MMMMMmmmm.

Caesars Tahoe still has the Lamborghini Diablo waiting to be won for five quarters... and you could still win a million in their "Break the Bank" promotion if you are an Emperor’s Club member ... hey, it’s free!

Oh, by the way, is it still hot and dry in your area? It was 62 degrees in Tahoe today with light sprinkles.... Ahhh...the splendor of mountain life... casinos just minutes away.... cold water just minutes away....casinos just minutes away....jackpots just minutes away....