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Rubbing It In about Tahoe

13 July 2001

It has been so cool lately, I had to find socks to wear on my traditionally bare for summer feet! The past week has been terrific... cool weather, occasional showers, clouds, a breeze... very little thunder and lightning... wow! It's been like that for so long, I think I forgot how to sweat!

Gaming, however, is still as hot as it gets anywhere... The gamblers have been smiling a whole lot lately, walking around with wallets fat with winnings... also happy because there is more to choose from than ever before. Every casino in Lake Tahoe has new games... popping up in all the casinos are new nickel slots... The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Catch a Wave, My Rich Uncle are some... and I think all Tahoe casinos now offer the $1,000,000 Pyramid, and Austin Powers. Also popping up virtually everywhere are the new multi-denomination slots, so nickel, dime, quarter, fifty-cent, and dollar players can mingle, no matter what they want to play.

Promotions are blooming everywhere... Harveys should belong to Harrah's soon.... they had to go through the FTC process... and Harrah's has a new BMW roadster giveaway going through their Total Rewards Program... with the drawing being held on September 30... so check out their "Cash and Car Craze" promotion... drawings held for cash weekly too... I think I may take time out to try and get an entry for that car... as in "wow... whatta car!"

Caesars Tahoe just started a new promotion for Emperor's Club members... DIGGING FOR DOLLARS! running through September 14... Play at Caesars and earn daily entries for your chance to scoop the loot! Grab your shovel, and get ready for your one minute shot at lots of money! Drawings are held Monday through Friday at 2 PM, 4 PM, and 6 PM.. Also upcoming is the ever popular 12th Annual Club Nero Men's and Ladies Swimsuit Competition on Sunday, July 29 at Zephyr Cove Resort... with $11,000 in cash and prizes... competition begins at noon... often televised... it is ever popular...

As usual, of late, I am going to bounce right out of Tahoe, and mention that great casino in Reno, where winners happen so frequently... yes, I am talking about the Flamingo Reno... again... not only did someone hit the nickel version of Blondie, but someone also got 100 times the pay on a dollar slot... that is two of the "10's" circles, and one red seven... for a whopping ten grand... along with the Crabathon (also at Caesars Tahoe, and Reno Hilton...) The Flamingo Reno has all kinds of deals for Club Flamingo members... don't worry, membership is free... but where else have you ever heard of anyone offering a free dinner buffet for only ten bucks worth of tracked play.... some limits and restrictions... like time of the week, etc... may apply, but you just have to check out the Flamingo Reno... they seem to have pulled out all the stops! I have to admit, Reno isn't all that far from Lake Tahoe... and it offers all kinds of things too... guess that's why they refer to our area as "Reno-Tahoe"...

Y'know, Las Vegas is neat in its own way.... but if you don't like the heat... or the hugeness of it all... and you want to do something to really be different... why not make your next trip to Northern Nevada? Reno is the "Biggest Little City in the World..." and offers so much in the way of gambling and recreation, that it is too lengthy to go into... and Lake Tahoe is being virtually re-done, piece by piece on the South Shore... the California side has a large Marriot Hotel being built... redevelopment is going strong, there is a scenic gondola up to the slopes of Heavenly Ski Area, with bountiful views of the Lake year round... that big blue lake will cool down even the hottest bodies... it never ever seems to make it to anything beyond cold.... there's fish for the fishermen, water sports galore, beaches, sunshine, other lakes, mountains, hiking, horseback riding, golf, parasailing, biking, mountain biking, gads, I would be here for a whole day making a list.... not to mention all that gambling... table games, slot games, sports betting, horse racing betting, Poker, Keno, penny slots to above my budget slots... what's your game? Join the crowd with the fat wallets and big smiles...