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Reno's Still Bustling

18 August 2002

After all was said and done, the events at Hot August Nights were a roaring success... Again. Thousands of cars invaded all corners of the city. Thousands of people came to see the cars...and the bands...and even more cars. I went out with the digital camera in hopes of saving my butt and making a few bucks but it didn't happen that way. The usual set of brick walls started forming early... The rent at the RV park was raised for the entire week, even though the crowds didn't really show until the fourth day of higher rent. The week began with my trusty Subaru throwing a fit and needing over $400 worth of repairs. I groaned. My watch battery died, my printer died, and even my web sites went down for a short period of time. I was groaning louder and more often as each day went by. The $400 worth of car repairs is only half of what had to be done, and I am still limping around with a bad right front axle. It's the Morton Law (like salt...) "When it rains, it pours..." Or so the saying goes. After a while I gave up struggling, got out the camera anyway, and took my own pictures of the events… which you can find on the under the Hot August Nights link. I hope you enjoy them, and give them a little time to load. I couldn't resist the urge to at least set them to some midi music files appropriate for the era and the event.

Also on the or rather back, I should add, is the "RENO-TAHOE GAMBLING WEEKLY..." The weekly newsletter you can find in your email box every Saturday (providing my server works with me a little and lets me breathe--the dreaded bookkeeper is back... And it is pretty scary. I have no idea as to where the next dime will come from. I thought maybe I could work here... But the new rule says you cannot reside in the RV Park and work at the property. SO... I'm screwed. Without a really needed miracle, I may be screwed forever, but it doesn't mean that I am going to go away, and it doesn't mean I am by any means going to quit trying. Don't know how anyway.

Reno isn't about to be done with its outdoor events and special things to see, do, or eat. It is merely the kick-off... There still is "Street Vibrations" when town is full of motorcycles and bikers... and the Camel Races up in Virginia City, there are rib and chili cook-offs, the air races are coming up, so it's going to be more bikes, camels, and planes... And you can pretty much do it all with a plate in one hand and a beer in the other... Things are just starting to rock.

The Golden Phoenix, which opened as a hotel only in the home of the former Reno Flamingo is getting set to open the new casino part. It should be approved by Gaming sometime next month, and they are hoping to open the casino sometime in October. It will fill a big void left by the Flamingo's departure... The former Comstock casino nearby has turned into a residence hotel... So it was looking a little empty down there.

Meanwhile, Tahoe is also going to be having some special events upcoming... Cool September Days... More classic cars. I'd go up with the digital camera and do pictures again, because it is so fun... But I think I'd better wait for that right front axle first. It's a safety issue, and it is a lack of income issue. Darned, I sure liked doing all those pictures and being able to hold my head up in public. I caught my reflection in a mirror while chasing classic cars... Reminded me of that little slow dopey acting detective/dog and it scared me. I don't want to become that. I just want to be the best place to go to get your Reno Gambling information, and have the casinos back it like they should have in Tahoe. Maybe Reno can do what Tahoe would not. God, I hope so. I really, really hope so.