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Reno Springing to Life

26 April 2003

Reno is springing to life with the return of warmer temperatures in between the spring storms. Soon, the calendar will include all kinds of special outdoor events and activities that make the area a lively and fun place to be. Worries that we might not make the mark for our Sierra snow pack water content appear to be over... the series of spring storms continues, bringing lots of water-laden snow to the Sierras, so that’s good news for everyone. Dry winters can be really disastrous, so looks like we are going to be in pretty good shape. The mountains are getting new snow even as I write. Last week the Truckee River watershed was at 105% of normal for the season... it’s bound to be a lot higher by now! Good news for the water supply!

Wowee... has anyone taken a look at pictures of Ann Margret lately? She’s turning 62 on April 28th, and she doesn’t look like she has aged in decades. It’s amazing to see her, and to see her still performing... she’ll be at the Silver Legacy on April 26th, with her 8-piece band and four dancers. It can’t be anything less than terrific, she’s an entertainer noted to pour her heart into everything she does. She qualifies as a legend.

There’s a really good promotion for auto racing fans at The Sands Regency offering them a chance to win a share of $50,000 in cash and prizes by competing in the FREE SANDSCAR handicapping contest beginning April 27th and continuing through August 4th. Players are required to pick the top six winners plus answer a tie-breaker question for each of the 12 Winston Cup races. Points will be awarded according to the actual results of the race. The grand prize is going to be ten grand, and another $12,000 will be split between the 2nd-10th place winners. Weekly winners get $1000 each week of the racing. Ten prizes of $50 each are awarded in a weekly random drawing. Everyone who enters can win the drawing money. A $10,000 bonus goes to any player who finishes with a total score of 2,700 points based on the 12-race schedule and the contest point structure. The final drawing takes place at 6 PM on August 4th. Players must be present to win the grand prize drawing. You can get details by calling the Sands at (775) 348-2200. I like the part that lets you participate for free... but you do have to be a Bonus Beach Club member, and that is free too. I got mine online, and had it mailed to me. They make it easy.

Cinco de Mayo is a large event in Reno. More than 100,000 people attended Cinco de Mayo Reno 2002 in downtown Reno. TV reports last year hailed the downtown Reno event as the biggest Cinco de Mayo celebration on the West Coast. This year attendees can look forward to 15 blocks of celebration in the downtown Reno area. Various other locations will have all forms of celebration going on... and many are celebrating from the 2nd to the 5th. The casinos all have promotions going on, with everything from pinatas to margaritas and everything in between. There will be a large street festival, as they close down large portions of Virginia Street through the downtown, load it up with all kinds of food and craft booths, and there are drawings and dances... it’s a festive time of year, one worth looking forward to. Gold Ranch in Verdi... is hosting a Cinco de Mayo party that includes drawings from 6 PM to 8 PM and someone is going to win a trip to Mexico on the deal... I could always use a sunny Mexican beach to recoup the health and spirits, so I guess I know where I am going.

The 129th Run for the Roses happens on Saturday, May 3rd and Reno has Kentucky Derby bets going on in every race book. It’s a big time for mint juleps, special Derby glasses, tee shirts, and hats.... I have friends that routinely go to the same places year after year... so to those who’ll be camping out in the Reno Hilton, the Club Cal Neva, and Harveys in Lake Tahoe... may you hold the winning tickets! I know lots of people into betting the ponies, and that is one of the few horse races that I make an undeniable effort to watch.

Boomtown Reno had a big winner.... an Auburn, California man poked up the $10 version of Deuces Wild Five Play, and got a pat royal flush. His check was $200,000.... five royal flushes is a pretty sight. You can go see for yourself... the photo is up on the RENO GAMING GUIDE for all to see... I keep adding the winners photos as they come in. Notable fact... you can find it on the web site about two weeks before you’ll ever see it anywhere else!

I told everyone about the Gumball 3000 Rally when it passed through town last week. The six-day race from San Francisco to Miami involved 150 fast cars and Hollywood celebrities. I heard on the news the other day that they racked up over 500 traffic tickets, and one was clocked at over 200 mph in Texas. Just a note to update...

Start thinking about heading to Reno soon. The season ahead is full of fun, festivities, tournaments, and jackpots waiting to be won. Everyone has something going on, you can’t argue about the scenery around Reno, and if you have an inclination to golf.... there are over 40 courses within a 90-minute radius of Reno, and some of the prettiest courses imaginable. The golf section is under construction right now.... so keep looking!

Don't forget that you can ask me questions, and you'll get answers, or the best answers I can find. I enjoy the e-mails, and there are a couple of places that make it easy for you to contact me via the web site. I'll be looking for you in town!