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Reno Rodeo Wraps Up

25 June 2001

The Reno Rodeo... touches of the wild, wild west.... complete with a cattle drive, rodeo clowns, and all the hoopla one expects has closed with another exceptionally successful year. Marred by the beginning of the Martis Fire... which started on Sunday, June 17... thrill-seekers had to endure lots of smoky conditions... and the day the fire started, returnees to California had to seek alternate routes home... as Interstate 80 was closed in both directions due to smoke, and the fact that the Interstate was covered on both sides by roaring flames. Lots of people chose to take the route home through Lake Tahoe... The fire, still burning to date (Sunday, June 23) has burned 14,500 acres so far, has had a couple thousand weary firefighters working the lines, and is still only 50% contained... with winds aggravating the process once again. Firefighters are hoping for further containment soon... as are residents all around who have been shrouded in annoying, cough-producing smoke. It is here that I say, THANK YOU, FIREFIGHTERS!

Reno is in full swing for summer... lots of hot gaming action... endless choices for entertainment... and winners... gads, you can't ignore the winners! My e-mail keeps filling up from the Flamingo Reno... with all kinds of goings-on. Last week, Mark Cesa won $8000 for a spade royal on a high-limit multi-denomination poker game... all spades... how pretty! The week before it was the dollar slots lining up $10,000 winning combinations.... You can get all kinds of bonus pays, and even get a free buffet dinner Monday-Thursday at the Flamingo Reno.... for $10 worth of tracked play in Club Flamingo! And if you remember, just a couple of weeks ago, another Flamingo... the one in Las Vegas... made headlines with a dollar Wheel of Fortune winner, a fighter pilot who walked with over three million bucks! Also Flamingo news... if you want to see how Jim's return trip went to the Flamingo Las Vegas... the second time around... you can find it word for word on the Gamblers Pipeline Message Board on the and it isn't to be missed... Congratulations, Jim... you are a superb writer yourself! Plus... if anyone has a gambling gripe... remember... Gambling Gripes and Giggles... also part of the same site, is there for that very reason. Seek your resolution today!

Reno Hilton is also in full swing for summer.... you have to visit this property, no matter what... if you get to Reno. For one thing... the stage is so big... a Boeing 747 jet fits well.... bowlers can find their favorite activity inside... so can movie-goers... and shoppers... and the gambling... well... if you can't find something to play here, you just don't need a casino! And... for those inclined to spend time "head-banging" and dancing... Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ted Nugent will be appearing on August 3 in the Reno Hilton Amphitheater... This concert is one of those don't miss events...I have missed it a couple of years running... and plan to do creative ticket begging if all else fails... for four people. Remember... begging for four.... gotta go, gotta see, gotta be there this year.

Heck.. There is starting to be so much pouring in from the Reno Hilton and the Flamingo Reno... I decided to build them their own set of pages on the, so now instead of a simple casino directory... you can click on either property's banner and go directly to the information... including pictures of winners.... As other casinos join in, they will have their own pages updated too! This is where I have to spew my little editorial... since day one with my, I have pointed out the benefits of having someone updating the casino web information quickly... like when it happens... not 30 days later... Let this be an example to all casinos paying attention. Do you have a winner? Want to put them online? Well, I know it won't happen on the corporate web sites... heck... maybe some OLD press releases... but as far as that goes... every corporate casino web site I have visited is perilously close to being extinct.... I would like to change that.... please think about it a little more intensely! Why not invest in less than what it takes to pay a part time dishwasher... and get downright instant service, complete with a smile? That's roughly a 128-hour week you get... with a live human brain.... and no b.s. which is important.

Case made...

One event I want to push... Upcoming on August 10, 2001 at The Dragon Golf Course is the First Annual Joe Laub Give Back Foundation Golf Tournament... with beneficiaries including The First Tee, Ronald McDonald House, Nevada Hispanic Services, Special Olympics of Nevada, and the University of Nevada Athletic Department.

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP WOULD BE SUGGESTED TO ALL MY CORPORATE AND GOLFING PALS... Reward your "heroes"...your best clients and employees with a great day of golf... And help Joe GIVE BACK!

For those who don't know Joe Laub, he is one half of the father-son law team of Laub and Laub... and both he and his dad are terrific people who give a lot to their areas. You can get all the info by calling (877) 399-4733... which I trust you all will do promptly upon reading this. Just tell Joe that Star sent you.