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Reno, Reno, Reno

1 March 2003

Well, it wasn’t much, but we did have a little bit of snow, and maybe a little more on the way... as soon as I start talking about sunshine, it figures we are going to get some snow!

There’s a great multi-casino promotion going on that every guest in town should know about.... I wrote about the events going on with Circus Circus, and got a note from the Legacy, saying the promotion was going on not only at Circus Circus, but also at the Silver Legacy, Eldorado, and Harrah’s, as well. So, what I missed is this.... "The Stay, Play, and Win tournament" will have 500 winners from each of the four properties playing off in a semi-final and final tournament at the end of October.... WIBC participants can get entries with special deals from the Legacy... I’m off to find out what the rest of them are doing, but I have to presume that it would be similar. Why not take a shot at some big money while you are in town?!

Reminder... South Lake Tahoe is throwing a 10-day party with "Lake Tahoe’s Big Chill" running February 28 through March 9 with activities for a really wide range of interests and for all ages.... divided into several themes... you can pick up all the details at Lake Tahoe’s Big Chill or by calling 800-786-8208. Harrah’s and Harveys are the main sponsors of the event, along with Heavenly Ski Resort, Marriott, Coca Cola, and Budweiser. It’s worth checking out, there are things to do no matter what you like...

I’m amazed, and I thought I would share the source of my amazement with the world. The comments keep coming in about what I do with the Reno Gaming Guide, and I am delighted to see where my words wind up! So below are some of the comments from the guest map comment cards. I hope that many more will pop in and poke a pin in the map, utilize the message board... share your comments about Reno, and while you are at it, rate the slots....not just the Reno slots, but the slots throughout the U.S. and Canada too! Your opinions count! If for any reason, you cannot access the guest map to poke in your pin, just let me know, and I can do it for you... I’m sincere in saying that I want to fill it up! And while you are at it, if you haven’t already subscribed to the Reno-Tahoe Gambling Weekly, you can click on the handy link and join in the fun... rate some slots, make a comment, give a trip report, geez, I have a lot of places where you can voice your opinion!

Posted by David from Delta, B.C., Canada. Favorite casino game? video poker Comments: Reno is great! Hope she makes it out of her current rough times and prospers!

Posted by Ray from Sea Otter Sound, Alaska. Favorite casino game? BJ and VP Comments: Live aboard my cruising sailboat and am currently wintering in Olympia, WA. Last few trips to Nevada have been to Vegas but am contemplating a Reno trip end of March

Posted by Henry from Detroit. Favorite casino game? Craps Comments: Glad to find a Reno site, I usually make a trip every other year

Posted by Mark from Diamondhead, Mississippi. Born and Raised in Reno... Comments: Better to run a casino than play in one! I manage one here in Mississippi (I'm the CFO).

Posted by Gail from Renton, WA. Favorite casino game? VP and BJ Comments: Great idea! Nice to finally find a Reno-oriented site for gamblers

Posted by JD from Portland, OR. Favorite casino game? VP, Craps Comments: 542 miles from my driveway to the Reno Arch.

Posted by Wally from Seattle. Favorite casino game? Peppermill Comments: need info on Reno let me know I go 5 to 8 times a year

Posted by Pam from Orlando, FL. Favorite casino game? Silver Strike slot machines Comments: going to Reno in February.

Posted by Susan from Syracuse, NY. Favorite casino game? video poker Comments: Hello!

Posted by Dave from Reno. Favorite casino game? Confuse the Cocktail Waitress, or Blackjack Comments: Not a bad idea for a site! Needs some cosmetics, but a great start. I'm very impressed to see up to date content, keep it up!

Posted by Linda from Rochester, NY. Favorite casino game? Video Poker Comments: Can't wait to make our first trip to Reno/Tahoe summer of 2003

Posted by Wayne from Middlesex, New Jersey. Favorite casino game? Craps & VP Comments: We enjoyed Reno/Lake Tahoe area. Reno a most interesting city. Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful place I have seen. Virgina City's history is amazing. Spent a day in Sparks for the Rib Cookoff. Next time I will bring my daughter.

Posted by Carol from San Jose, CA, who visited Reno in September and October 2002. Favorite casino game? Slots, although learning VP Comments: Star, glad you are representing Reno! Great small town feeling and close to get to. Now if we could just get some coupons like Vegas! Looking forward to getting our JP!

Posted by Daniel from Vallejo, CA. Favorite casino game? 3-reel, 2-coin Slots Comments: My goal is to stay once at every Hotel/Casino in Reno/Sparks/Verdi (4 left). Then I'll see about North/South Lake Tahoe.

Posted by Debi from WI. Favorite casino game? slots Comments: Great map Star!

Let me know where you are from, what you like to play, and anything else you want to relate, and we can all join in the fun.... and do consider Reno for your next trip to Nevada’s casinos... Reno is at its best... best gaming, best games, best food, best hotels... it’s just, well.... THE BEST!