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Reno, R&R at Its Finest

22 March 2003

War. It’s all the talk, it’s all the news, and it’s official. So if you just want to escape, and do it without going too far, I suggest a nice little vacation gambling trip to Reno. You can find the news at any given casino, but you can also distance yourself for a while, play some hot slots and table games, relax, enjoy the beauty and history of the area, and I guarantee, it will do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit. It’s also a little less worrisome than the high risk that may exist in places like Las Vegas during a time of war.

I’m hoping this column makes it in time for its usual publication date... I found myself unwittingly poisoned last week. It appears that the refrigerator sprung an internal leak. Refrigerant got into some of the food prior to the ammonia fumes becoming apparent. Some of the food that I ate. Talk about sick. Talk about feeling your organs shutting down.... I think I experienced it all. So yesterday, I dragged myself and the RV down and had them remove and toss the refrigerator. I’d rather live out of an ice chest than go through that again. I’m trying to drink tons of water and juices, still afraid of food. So for everyone who thought I’d get more done last week, I apologize. Now that the source is gone, I should recover a little every day until I am back to my old kinetic self. So if you smell ammonia and it is near your fridge... either run like hell or call a repair person. It isn’t worth waiting.

Lots of things are going on in Reno... a four-casino slot tournament, with participation at Harrah’s Reno, Eldorado, Silver Legacy, and Circus Circus... guaranteed someone will win a million bucks, and each property will have 500 winners going into the semi-finals. Entries are easy to get, check with any of the sponsoring hotel-casinos for details. It’s a big one!

The 84th Women’s International Bowling Congress officially opened on the 20th, a four-month event that organizers say will bring about $73 million to the Reno area. as bowlers from all 50 states, in addition to players from Canada, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Japan and Saudi Arabia are attending. There will be more than 66,000 bowlers (13,216 five-player teams) due to arrive for several days each. Many bring family members or guests. According to the WIBC, competition will take place for about 16.5 hours every day for 110 days. Prize money totals $2.7 million, the largest purse so far for the WIBC. The previous record was set in Reno in 1997, at $2.2 million. You can find more of what the casinos have planned for the WIBC participants by visiting the RENO GAMING GUIDE and looking for the special section!

Another Lucky Streak Hits At Fitzgeralds

Rodger, a road construction worker from Alsea, Oregon, arrived at Fitzgeralds on March 10, 2003. Rodger and his wife Janet come to Reno one to two times a year. They both enjoy Keno and have played keno in other places before. Rodger played a special 15 Spot for $2, and was very surprised when he realized his winnings totaled over $25,000. Rodger said he just felt thankful to win, it doesn’t happen very often. He could not wait to share the wonderful news with his four great kids. Rodger said his children are his biggest achievement.

If you haven’t noticed, I now have winner’s photos from the Silver Legacy, Eldorado, and the Atlantis. and I’m looking for more. So if you have any pull with any of the Reno casinos, let them know about me, and let them know I put their photos online about two to three weeks before the newspaper does. Why wait when you can have it now?

Boomtown Hotel and Casino’s Gasoline Drawings are fueling up guests with up to a year’s worth of free Chevron gasoline. Gaming customers fill up with gasoline drawing entries just by gaming on the Boomtown casino floor. Then, they simply return completed entries to the Boomtown casino representative who they received the entry from.

The give away pours out $25 in free gasoline from Boomtown’s award-winning Chevron station to seven daily winners from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Daily winners must be present at the drawings to win. On the last day of each month, one lucky winner is awarded a year’s worth of Chevron gasoline or $1,000 in cash! Monthly winners need not be present to win.

Boomtown Hotel and Casino Silver Screen Buffet’s new international weekday buffets are serving up a world of taste in one place. The popular buffet fills with international dishes on each specialty themed night. Mondays serve up chicken satay and other Asian delicacies. Rib specialties are racked up each Tuesday evening. Wednesdays bring Mexican dishes like chicken enchiladas and taquitos. Diners can even enjoy decadent Italian offerings such as cheese ravioli with pesto sauce and fettucini Alfredo each Thursday. International soup, salad and dessert specialties bring more authentic tastes to each themed buffet. Boomtown’s talented chefs, with a combined 60-plus years of experience, came together to bring the international delicacies to Boomtown diners. "We set out to bring a new world of dining to our guests," explains Silver Screen room chef Joel Cancino. "Close to seventy-five percent of the buffet is themed for each specialty evening, with authentic dishes from the evening’s region. And there’s always our comfort food favorites like chicken and pizza to choose from." The international buffets are offered from 3 to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday for only $11.99 per person. Boomtown comfort food classics join the buffet’s international selections. The Silver Screen Buffet also offers the Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening all-you-can-eat Whole Maine Lobster, Steak and Seafood Buffet with whole lobster straight from the coast of Prince Edward Island, tender carved-to-order meats and much more.

The Reno Hilton has The Imperial Circus performing... it looks pretty good.... with performers from the Beijing Circus, the Moscow Circus, and Cirque Du Soleil and it's there for a limited engagement, but it is one of those treats for everyone! Also, if you happen to be over at the Reno Hilton when the Four Aces Diner is set up near the Sports and Race Books, by all means, grab something to eat. We stopped in last week, when they were having the Poker Championships, and felt lucky to see it in place, where else can you get a couple of sausage Hoagies for $2 each... with a can of pop... total for 2 people, an even $6. Good deal, great sandwich. Can’t lose on the deal!

Stay tuned on the Reno Gaming Guide for all the WIBC specials, as well as special room deals for spring, as well as the tournament section. John Ascuaga’s Nugget wrapped up the Action Ball promotion, and several of the slot tournaments and other promotions are concluding, so there will be a new section dealing with everything coming up that is new and hot. Keep in touch, use your spare time to post a Reno trip report, or other chatter on the message board, stick a pin in the guest map.... let’s see where everybody is! Ah, spring... at last. Now we are talking about real fun in Reno. I’ll keep you posted.... and if you take a moment and subscribe to the Reno-Tahoe Gambling Weekly, then all the other events will pop into your e-mail every Saturday. The list is growing. I welcome you all. Also, please remember, the Reno Gaming Guide answers all questions as best we can... so if you have questions, just ask.