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Reno -- Logical Choice for Gamblers

21 June 2001

Not much is mentioned about Reno as a gambling destination... But it is the more logical choice for many gamblers. If you like Nevada gambling, don't like the Vegas-sized crowds, and want to go someplace where lodging and food deals prevail, mixed with great gambling choices, and promotions... then Reno should be at the top of your list.

There are plenty of things to do in Reno... more outdoor activities with family appeal, and well, just the fact that you can do things outside without dying of dehydration... done in the shadows of the Sierra Nevada mountains.... and with easy distance to Lake Tahoe... well, heck... what are you waiting for? The Truckee River runs through the heart of downtown, and a new casino, The Siena, is opening July 31... a boutique hotel right on the river, with a casino.... and spa... they have thought of everything a guest could desire!

Reno hosts the wild and fun Reno Rodeo... called the wildest and richest event in the west... and it all kicks off June 16 and runs through June 24... the PRCA-sponsored event fills the town with the flavor of the Old West.... bull riders and bronc busters abound... even the casinos offer great western venues... from food to entertainment. The "non-cowboy" is even invited to participate in a pre-rodeo cattle drive... and the kids can have a blast at the carnival. Grab your hat and boots... the action is starting soon!

The Reno Hilton and the Flamingo Reno both offer hot slots, entertainment galore, and room deals... And the Silver Legacy Casino offers sights that can't be seen anywhere... including a 120-foot mining machine towering over the casino floor... take on the feel of what the Comstock mining era was all about! The Comstock also includes the Virginia City area... as mentioned and shown in TV's popular "Bonanza" series... see what Little Joe and Hoss did for fun!

Also, downtown Reno offers Harrah's Reno... and you can center your activities from there... conveniently located in the heart of Reno... you can enjoy all your favorite Harrah's games just as you could at any Harrah's anywhere... See where gaming all started.... See the first slot machines at the Liberty Bell... a saloon where a terrific collection exists... Stroll the streets, enjoy the food, and don't miss any activities that are offered.... or, if you have to miss something, you have a built in excuse to return to Reno.

Also, you can find Circus Circus... complete with the midway.... or go kiss the Blarney Stone at Fitzgerald's.... ah heck... with all offerings here... who needs Las Vegas? Also coming up... Hot August Nights... with classic cars and fifties fun... And the Reno Balloon races... and the Camel Races in Virginia City... and all the great entertainment planned... And there is more... much more... even the Air Races.... be it on land, or water, or in the air... you can find something to watch and do.

Live a little... learn a lot... visit Reno... and while you are there... come on up to Lake Tahoe... your trip will be memorable... and fun.