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Regis Comes to Tahoe

31 August 2001

New slots again!... the newest being the "Regis' Cash Club" machines going into Caesars Tahoe. The Regis' Cash Club machines are linked to various casinos within the state and the top progressive award, which will not be less than $1 million, will be paid in full upon verification of a valid win. It takes 45-nickels, but includes spinning reels, a video bonus screen, and a digital column on top appropriately called, "The Column of Cash." The new slots feature animation, video, something called enhanced SuperVision series sound plus IGT-designed interactive bonus rounds. Besides the Column of Cash bonus feature, there is the Big Check Bonus round. The newest MEGAJACKPOT progressive is won when five Regis symbols land on the ninth line with all 45 nickels in. Not too shabby, considering other 45-coin nickel progressives pay what I personally consider way too low jackpots... some start at $100,000 and some at $200,000, and the last million dollar jackpot introduced was the "$1,000,000 Pyramid," which required an enormous 90-coin nickel bet to claim.

You can also find other new slots, like "Creature from the Black Lagoon," and "Catch a Wave," along with "My Rich Uncle," and "Scrabble," and the new video nickel versions of "Slotto," complete with the balls bouncing in the hopper... all over Lake Tahoe... along with "The Price is Right." The new slots have 9-15 pay lines, and are nickel games. Beware, however, the multi-denomination versions of some.... some of the nickels gulp down $15 in nickels on a maximum coin bet, and the dollar versions are going to swallow up to $75 on a max coin bet! Just watch what buttons you push to avoid aggravating errors.

Lake Tahoe is bracing for the Labor Day weekend. Wildfires still burn all around us, the latest being "The Star Fire"... gads, I hate the name.... it's my name! Burning out of control since last weekend 25 miles west of the Lake, it has poured it's acrid smoke into the sky above me, all around me, and choked the breathing off for days. Today has been literally a breath of fresh air, as the winds are keeping it to the north side of the Lake. Reno has been choking too, as has been the Carson Valley. Hopefully, with a cooler holiday weekend predicted, nothing new will burst into flames, and the firefighters will be able to get a handle on the fires before even more precious forests are consumed. Yesterday, with 20 mile per hour winds gusting, embers were blowing a half a mile from the fire and starting new spot fires.

The Little Web Sites and the Vision that won't go away....

As usual, I don't know how to quit... with luck, and the prayers of my friends and family, the concrete kites I keep trying to fly.... the Tahoe Gaming Guide and the Reno Gaming Guide will once again grace the web with progressive jackpots, winner's photos, and casino information from both areas. I am working on getting something going with a few Reno properties, and trying to re-kindle the casinos in Tahoe. With the house in my father's name, and all the loans held by one bank (they were bought up one by one until it became hazardous to even breath, lest they notice... and a notice stating that I have to come up with several thousand dollars by the 20th of September in back payments.... it is one heckuva scary situation. When your whole life, and all your memories are wrapped up in one little cabin in the woods.... and you don't have anywhere left to turn.... the inevitable solution would be to either go through the pain of foreclosure and lose it all... or to try to beat the clock and sell. Since that would leave me essentially homeless and pretty much broke... since everything HAS to go to my parents to let them regain some of the golden years that I have cost them with this venture... it has me tossing and turning through sleepless nights, and trying to catch my breath during the daytime. I'm learning that stress (so far) doesn't kill me... but I sure am miserable, as the brain scrambles to find solutions without quitting... or moving.

If I can get commitment from the corporations that they will fund the venture, then I can get on with doing what needs to be done for my region. Today, I meet with two top executives at one, and the other has my proposal on her desk. If you think that I have a good idea, good enough to pursue, and would like to have a full-featured web site with everything from the progressive jackpots online daily to special offers, and casino news... PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE send me an e-mail and let me know. E-mails in quantity just might throw the ball back into my court enough to save the sites... You can e-mail me at:, or Or you can send me a note by snail mail.... P.O. Box 19754, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151. I am desperate to keep the dream alive.... for all of us.... as gamblers. I think the information that I am trying to provide, and have provided on my own so far, is something that basically is owed to the gamblers... by the casinos. Why not put it all in one convenient place, and toss in some promotions too?!

Should I get the cooperation and the funding, then the Reno-Tahoe Gambling Weekly newsletter will be born again, and columns will once again focus on the profusion of special events and happenings in both areas. If you choose not to write me... then please, at least cross your fingers for me once... Hey, I'm superstitious... part of the gambler in me I guess. I don't want to go down in flames as a bad beat story.... Meanwhile... if broiling in Vegas isn't for you.... think Tahoe! It is still the prettiest place to visit... and the nicest gambling environment in the world.

Don't just take my word for it.... come on up!