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Rebuilding a Collapsed Planet

6 April 2001

Having stepped into something that resembled a web version of a hornet’s nest over the past few months in my attempts to launch the and its sister sites, please bear with me while I rebuild my planet. The deal died a painful death on Friday, with the anticipated financial funds being unplugged, and the threat of web death once again facing me head on. It would not have been so painful had it not been for the major accomplishments being made knocking on and opening corporate doors... alone again... but knowing full well that my mental and physical energies are still intact, along with the knowledge that something that was not meant to be had just exited my corner of cyberspace... but leaving me reeling from the suddenly now overdue phone, and server bills... and holding the thought that I almost got taken for a ride that I would have sorely regretted, because it would have not been of the benefit intended for gamblers and for the casinos. It was a venture onto foreign soil and luckily I watched my footing well enough to not sign documents as hastily advised.

Having stepped so badly into the nest, it was hard to develop the spirit needed to move onwards... with my anger at the moment holding me back... and the tears of frustration that followed... I would have to liken it to a storm passing... and with the clearing, I was able to reclaim my vision, and channel my anger back to survival in what can be a brutal and uncaring world. The server that shut me off, put me back up... I made it for the moment past the phone hump... but still am only in the position to really last until mid-weekend before I resume my fall. Which is still not stopping me from opening as many of those doors as possible, because my attempts to bring daily progressive jackpots from Reno and Las Vegas on a daily basis is just a fingertip away. So is the ability to bring news from those areas to you like I have been doing for Tahoe in this weekly column. Also on top of the drawing board are my "Gambling Gripes and Giggles" and my "Total Casino Rating System"... and you can ask my new friend Jim what he thinks about those features... because he gives them thumbs up for people who leave a casino mad and want to do something to right the situation later. So, if the sites vanish at some point or another, fear not, I WILL RETURN...

I have to thank so many for their support and encouragement throughout this, you have made it possible for me to continue doing this, and made me feel like what I do is truly for friends of the sincerest nature. I have to also remember to include thanks to certain people within the corporate structure... you all know who you are... because the physical and the verbal "hugs" that you have offered me have restored the spirit within... and because now I know that you guys finally get it! What better purpose to continue... for the gamblers, and for the corporations that truly care about their guests.

Don’t worry Lake Tahoe casinos... I didn’t forget you...

Harrah’s Lake Tahoe has completed one section of their new casino, and the "wall" that creeps is moving again, as they begin completion of the last phase of remodeling they will do until probably in the fall. It looks fantastic, and I am awaiting the completion of what appears to be one heck of a dazzling bar area... They have shown nothing but grace and dignity as all the transformations occur.

Caesars Tahoe still has a floor full of neat cars to win... there is the Nissan Frontier 4 X 4 truck laden with more prizes and the accompanying Mustang Convertible they are "raffling" off in June, and there is that dazzling yellow Lamborghini Diablo on the slot carousel waiting to be won for five quarters, and there is the Mercedes, and the custom motorcycle fit for "Caesar"... it is a choice of what you want to drive! They also are still having the weekly paycheck drawing, and playing "Break the Bank" Daily.

Harveys is starting the Spring season off with a new promotion, one I know not much about... but what I do know caught my interest. Involving some sort of "Wheel Madness" and a chance to win up to what I thought I heard was $25,000.... so if you come to Lake Tahoe, drop into Harveys and ask about how to become a member of the "Tahoe Player’s Club" so you too can earn your "Reel Rewards" and have your chance at treasures.

Horizon Casino has lots of new slots on the floor, and offers a wide-ranging selection of the Aussie-style slots, and still seems to come up with something new in their grab bag... seems like it is getting close to weekly that I spot something new... gotta hand it to them ... they wouldn’t know what to do if they ever sat down!

Lakeside Inn still offers the only four-quarter progressive keno in Stateline.... try your luck at an 8, 9, or 10 spot for over ten grand for $1 in or try your hand on the other bank where a 9 spot for the same buck will net you over $16 grand... They remodeled the whole place last year, so if you haven’t been there in a while, you will have to go back.

The snow is melting fast, and what spits at us now doesn’t count... it supposedly has been the second driest winter in something like 130 years.... but it still is gorgeous. When I need inspiration as to why I continue to struggle to hold on... I stand on my porch and look at the snow-capped peaks, and gaze at the pine trees, and observe the wildlife that abounds... in my case, bears, raccoons, porcupines, coyotes, squirrels, and birds... and when I go back in, the spirit is refreshed. When you want to gamble somewhere different, or whether you have nostalgic memories of Tahoe in your past... give Tahoe a chance... GAMBLE TAHOE