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Pine-Scented Air and Sizzling Slots

11 May 2001

Pine-scented air and sizzling slots are just part of what you will find if you come up to Lake Tahoe. The weather has been unseasonable.... warm.... my trees are getting leaves earlier than usual. The heat wave in California has led to more rolling black-outs as the power crunch continues... which is good for Nevada casinos. While some casinos have added a few dollars on to the hotel night rate, in the name of higher energy costs.... many people are closing their business doors, or leaving their darkened homes, to go where the air conditioning still functions, and where they can have a shot at winning the money needed to pay increasing energy and fuel costs... and you can find them happily betting the night or day (or both) away in the Lake Tahoe casinos. Today the weather was cause for a barbecue... the season's premiere.. When you know it is officially Spring in Lake Tahoe.

Harrah's Lake Tahoe is still finishing the remodeling of the west end of the casino... and Friday is the official re-opening of the North Beach Deli.... which means the creeping wall is going to move again, revealing more treasures in its wake..... And when I go out to get the Friday jackpots for the, I will probably get lost while awestruck and dazed from the elegance of the work being done.... They also have the newest slots at the lake... with the addition of the 45-coin "Price is Right" slots.... Nickels that is.... you won't find them elsewhere.

Caesars Tahoe still boasts the highest number of vehicles to be won of the Tahoe casinos... and all kinds of activities and drawings offering all kinds of things to do for free... like win a million dollars... or win a barbecue... Or cash.... or enter the paycheck drawing for up to a grand every week.... ah heck... you just have to visit the Emperor's Club booth in Caesars Tahoe for all the details..

Two weeks until the Horizon Casino has the season opener of the outdoor events.... the "Williams - Horizon Craft Fair on Memorial Day weekend.... followed in June with the Tahoe Truckin' Fun Run on the weekend of June 8-11 and if nature answers my screams and the funding arrives, the digital photos of the events from beginning to end will be online.

Harveys Lake Tahoe, while undergoing the transformation into being a Harrah's property, is still pretty quiet, as the Lake awaits the news as to what will be done by whom, how, and when in the future when the deal goes through... but they are having Play a Year on Us now through the end of May.... leaving me drooling at the thought.... some lucky soul will win $100,000 worth of "REEL REWARDS".... details available inside Harveys at the Tahoe Players Club.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to the "Collective Voice" newsletter from the United Gamblers Association site (URL below in author's box).... I get much joy in being the gambler's advocate...

Before I go, I wanted to pass on the Generation "X" viewpoint of some of the new games on the casino floor.... This week... taking the 0-1 place on the slot scale of ratings by the 23-year-old set.... "Battleship" by Mikhon... Low payouts and infrequent bonuses got this game the "extremely dumb" rating of the week. Second place with a 1-2 place on the "boring" games new to the floor.... "Blondie".... also getting a mega yawn.....

Now that the snow is gone, and other places are starting to broil... how does a 72 degree day sound to you, with waterfalls, a lake, snow-capped peaks, and sizzling hot slots and table games? Gamble Tahoe!