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One of My Tahoe Waterfalls

4 May 2001

Once again, the melting snow has created one of the more beautiful occurrences of spring in the Sierra Nevada mountains... the waterfalls cascading down the rocky corridors, and off the mountainsides themselves. I drove up to one of my favorite Tahoe waterfalls near my home this morning. While not as huge as in past years, it still was flowing, in a forked cascade, and below it, another smaller one was thundering equally down the slope. It is a good place to go sit on a log and collect the thoughts, and is awaited every year as a ritual end to winter for me. It marks the moving ahead of growth and energy for the spring.

Speaking of growth, and energy.... past visitors of old will have a hard time recognizing the new and improved (and improving) face of Lake Tahoe... now sporting a gondola that runs up and down the mountain from the Heavenly Ski Slopes to a block west of Harrah’s Lake Tahoe... the removal of several old motels, and the plans for a new timeshare hotel on the California side of the border, along with an upscale village full of retail shops and an ice rink in the future... it is changing and will be changing even more.

Harrah’s Lake Tahoe keeps changing and changing, and getting better and better. The wall surrounding the area being remodeled has moved once again, over on the west end. It moved away last week exposing one heckuva really extravagant eye-popping bar area... I can’t describe it yet in words... the awe hasn’t worn off.. And there is a new color scheme, and those magnificent sculptured ceilings .... oh, what are you waiting for? If you want to gamble where there is really something happening, and you want some eye candy on what is being done, and what more is to come... then you have to drop in and see it for yourself. There isn’t any other way to describe it!

Horizon Casino gears up for a busy outdoor festival atmosphere, beginning Memorial Day weekend with the season's first Williams-Horizon Craft Fair, May 25-28 and not ending till the final one on September 21-23 and in between, June 8-11, the ever popular and growing Tahoe Truckin’ Fun Run... which I will once again be covering with a digital camera and putting the pictures online on the and June 15-18 is one of my favorites, Harley’s at the Horizon.. Another digital Kodak moment...and in August and September, the car shows... with literally hundreds of classic cars... more Kodak moments... it is going to be one hot summer outside the Horizon... And lest you forget... the slots inside, and the table games are absolutely sizzlin’ with the addition of loads of new slots to choose from...

Harveys, what will become of Harveys... now that Harrah’s bought them? That has been the buzz all week long since the announcement 10 days ago that Harrah’s had bought out Harveys... Nobody knows the details of what is planned, speculation abounds, and as long as they leave the summer concert planned with Mellencamp this year alone and intact... I appreciate the fact that a class act like Harrah’s bought Harveys. It will be interesting to watch and see what develops.

Caesars Tahoe still offers Emperor’s Club members the most promotions per square foot of casino space. What would you like in the way of a drive-home jackpot or raffle prize? Want a yellow Lamborghini Diablo? They have one. Or how about a Mustang convertible, paired with a sporty Nissan Frontier 4 x 4 Pickup truck? They have those too... and if you would rather win a Mercedes, they can arrange that... or a Harley Davidson motorcycle decked out to be fit for Caesar himself. And then there is the paycheck cashing drawing, where 15 people a week get from $50 to $1000 just for cashing their paychecks... and Break the Bank, where you can swipe your member card daily for a shot at a million bucks... Why walk away a loser? There is a shot to win every place you look!

Meanwhile... whether you are in Lake Tahoe, Reno, Las Vegas, or ?... if you have a gripe that needs to be resolved with a casino... you can get assistance and seek resolution by taking it over to my site, where I have a feature called Gambling Gripes and Giggles along with the Gamblers Pipeline Message Board.. Jim from Watertown, MA, was mad at the Flamingo Las Vegas, and happily they are reuniting soon, with the most successful resolution to date... Jim’s postings about the successful resolve over on the Las Vegas Advisor boards that pointed to the United Gamblers Association led another disillusioned gambler, Keith, to post his gripe about the Venetian on the Pipeline... and as a result, the Venetian has been forwarded all of his information and his gripe this morning... You can follow what is happening with all of them... even the semi-resolved gripe involving the Sahara Las Vegas... Debi had her problems on her anniversary and although the Sahara contacted her... well... you just have to go check it out for yourself... Just look for the banner link to Gripes and Giggles and read for yourself. If you have a gripe, there is a simple form you can fill out... or for those who prefer just to rate their favorite or worst... There is the Total Casino Rating System.

Fully underway for the near future are plans to bring you all kinds of gaming news and even bring back the daily jackpots... from Tahoe, and Reno too this time! The proposals are out, many have wondered what happened to the Tahoe jackpots... after 447 days of daily input... well, they had to "grow up" and to continue with them I had to get them funded. This whole thing has been done for the gamblers and by myself, as a gambler. It is time the support came from the casinos. As I am able to sign them up the jackpots will resume. It is my hopes that the efforts will continue with plans to be highly visible doing jackpots in Las Vegas by the fall.

Meanwhile, if you like nature at its best... and waterfalls... or really hot slots and just as hot table games.... come on up to Lake Tahoe... it doesn’t get much better than this! Gamble Tahoe!