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New Slots at the Lake!

3 November 2000

New slots are popping up right and left in town, again. There are more options when it comes to "Aussie" nickel slots than one can shake a stick at. A new wave of slot deliveries have left us unpacking "I Dream of Jeannie," "Texas Tea," and "Double Diamond 2000" slots, along with a couple that I am not all that familiar with... "Hot, Hot, Hot" by Bally and "Blazing 7's", another Bally slot. Also appearing just about everywhere now is "Jumble." And reports are coming in from near and far that all these games have been paying out.

The Horizon just celebrated Halloween like no other place on the planet. It was the 22nd Annual Freaker's Ball... And it seems that everybody went there. When I passed through "harvesting" the progressive jackpot amounts at 4 am, the party was still going strong as people in wild and wacky costumes were still packed into Club Z, and also noticeable were the assortment of strange costumes out there just gambling away... Did you know Superman likes craps? Or that Xena played dollar slots? Speaking of the new slots... Still being unwrapped on the floor here are "Texas Tea," "I Dream of Jeannie," "Little Green Men," and "Double Diamond 2000."

THEY CALLED OUR NAMES... but we weren't there!!! Caesars Tahoe has had their "Break the Bank" promotion going on for quite a while, but we just now started participating in the daily swiping of our Emperor's Club card. Each swipe results in an automatic entry into their Saturday Night Second Chance Drawing in Cleopatra's Lounge at 7 pm, when 10 names are drawn for a chance to spin the wheel for a chance to win up to $10,000 cash and other great prizes. My name was called in the first few... And my son, who was there was yelling "yeah" until he realized that I was not there... And my husband was called about 8th on the list. Due to the strain on the gas budget and combined with my husband's really horrible shoulder pain, we had to pass. Boy, have we heard the story a whole bunch of times from a whole bunch of people. Also going on is the "Road to Riches" daily slot tournament, but it culminates in December with the final tournament where the top 100 players with the highest single scores will compete for $100,000... The top winner going home with pockets bulging with $50,000 cash! And it is a fun, easy to enter shot at big money!

Harrah's Lake Tahoe still offers the newest elegance in Lake Tahoe... Hey, we'd all look pretty darn good if we had a remodel like Harrah's Lake Tahoe just did... They also have a new offering of slots throughout the property... And lots of new and really fun Aussie slots. If you want a class act, then you will definitely need to put Harrah's at the top of your "must visit" list. All the restaurants are unique... and I swear that the Clam Chowder at the North Beach Deli is my answer for any occasion.

Harveys is hosting the final tournament action for their "Play a Year on Us" promotion on November 3rd... So some lucky person is going to win $100,000 worth of Reel Rewards cards.... You can also earn Reel Rewards easily by playing your games with your "Tahoe Players Club" cards... Free at Harveys... I like this promotion a lot... It is so player oriented.

Lakeside Inn is still the popular "locals" hangout in Tahoe. Noted for it's non-card approach to player tracking, and its always fun and always friendly attitude, it also offers slots and keno that you won't find elsewhere in Lake Tahoe. You can play quarter progressive keno, take part in the live keno game, or just poke at the slots. It has the easiest to access Sportsbook and was recently remodeled... With Todd Majoris leaving his post as the marketing director/head innovator on November 11, we know there will be a large void.

I was disturbed to hear all the reports of the new slots recently unveiled in Las Vegas... Seems to me that some of the maximum coinage to play them is way out of the ballpark, and then I have to wonder what the heck are they going to do with the current player's club deals... If nickel machines take $3-20 of action to earn one player's club point, and dollar machines are on a $1= 1 point basis... And the new slots take up to $5 or more worth of nickels per play... Then why would someone want to put money in the nickel slot when they could be playing $5 slots, or at least $1 slots and getting a better returns in the form of cash back and comp deals? When does the penny player become a high-roller?