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Nevada Gold Rush Happening in Tahoe

18 August 2000

It looks like it is still Tahoe’s turn for giving away lots of jackpots, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands, and a few weeks ago, Harveys hosted the latest lucky gambler with that $1.6 million dollar win on the linked progressive Nickels Deluxe. Harrah’s Tahoe has given away two jackpots recently, both over $100,000 on three-coin quarter slots. As I jog through all the South Shore casinos every day in order to put the progressive jackpot amounts online (196 days and counting) on my pages, I can do nothing more than drool my way through as I witness jackpot after jackpot being hit. When I walk through Caesars Tahoe, I stop jogging and amble past that neon yellow Lamborghini Diablo. The custom turntable display maximizes the visual appeal of the car, truly eye candy at three in the morning! Lakeside Inn is putting 16 more slots in their new tavern area. You can look for special offers on their progressive jackpots page in the near future. They believe in what I am trying to do for Lake Tahoe with my and will be sponsoring my efforts.

DO YOU LIKE RIBS THAT ARE BEYOND EXCELLENT? Then you have to be up for the weekend of August 25th, because The Horizon Casino Resort is hosting the 10th Annual "Best on the Mountain" rib cook-off. This is a bonanza event for rib lovers, with music and platters of ribs, and a crafts fair. When your legs need to stretch after some great gambling, then all you have to do is wander right out the front doors, and the aroma will knock your socks off! You might waddle back in, but I bet you’ll be smiling.

If you were planning to come up to see the outdoor concert at Harveys, with Peter Frampton, Credence Clearwater Revisited, & Edgar Winter on August 25th, and Joe Walsh, BTO, and Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad on August 26th, and you didn’t reserve your tickets in advance, I am sorry to inform you that both nights are SOLD OUT. As long as Bonnie Picker remembers that this poor member of the press needs a couple of passes for each night, I will remain a happy camper.

Lake Tahoe’s casinos have all been pretty busy lately, because the rest of the country is sweltering in extreme heat. Our highest temperature has been about 88 degrees. There is always a nice breeze off that giant blue jewel of water that is cold all summer because of the altitude and the extreme depth. And it has been down in the low 40s at night. If that doesn’t cool you off, nothing will. When it gets to low broil in the surrounding cities, the citizens just take to the hills, and keep going up until they get it right. That appears to be Tahoe. The fun part is that so many are leaving with fatter wallets than they started with. Again, color me green.

Every casino on the mountain has put in new slots to choose from. Whether you like the 9-line slots, or prefer the newest in linked progressives, Tahoe has a boatload of new things to play with. And while you’re at it, check out the lake. It’s big, and it’s pretty, and it is one of a kind.