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More Jackpot Pay-offs and Cheap Sleep at the Lake

8 December 2000

Wow.... it continues.... gamblers taking fistfuls of cash home as souvenirs of Lake Tahoe! Skiers and snowboarders packing the slopes.... And mid-week? You want a real deal? A limited deal? One you can only get on the How about a 500-square foot hotel room at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe? How about only $59 per night, Sundays-Thursdays.... and you have to hurry.... because the offer ends December 20th! But think of it this way... mid-week is SLOW at the lake... you don’t get lost in the crowd.... the ski slopes are beckoning, you know that you won’t have to wait in line to play for that jackpot you have targeted.... And there isn’t any catch to the Harrah’s offer.... No per person charge.... and it comes with their world famous two-bathroom hotel room, with phones and color tv’s.... and you couldn’t get it any better!

Horizon Casino is offering that cheap sleep and ski package.... it comes with a lift ticket at your choice of several ski areas, and shuttles....all that is available on their progressive jackpots page on the, and room and lift tickets are $80 per person per night based on double occupancy... also Sundays-Thursdays... and don’t fret... weekends don’t cost that much more... unless you try for a holiday weekend... and they have all kinds of new slots on their casino floor.... They started with being the only casino in town with the "Jackpot Bingo" which is a linked progressive with two jackpots.... one based on 15-nickels, and one based on 30-nickels.... This morning when I ran through collecting the day’s progressive jackpot amounts, it was pointed out that there are yet more arrivals... nickel "Money Mine", and a dollar game called "Cash Box" and another nickel one that came in from Mississippi... "Bang for a Buck"... and for those who don’t know.... The Horizon Casino has an excellent International Buffet...

Caesars Tahoe is ending the "Road to Riches" daily tournaments on December 8th, with the top 100 individual daily scores (non-cumulative) going on to the final round on December 9th... where one person will take home a $50,000 cash purse.... and the top contestants will divide up another $50,000 in cash. This morning when I ran through Caesars collecting the jackpots, I was number 96 on the list... and when I dropped in later for my daily attempt at the "Break the Bank" promotion, I was off the list.... and panic set in.... There still may be a chance for me if some folks don’t show up for the final tournament. Hey Caesar (you Donny Osmond look-alike, you...) Don’t you know fifty grand would save me from certain disaster? Also NEW at CAESARS TAHOE.... the 45-coin nickel version of "Double Jeopardy".... which is a linked progressive jackpot that starts at $100,000.

Harveys is opening a new show in their Cabaret Theater on December 16th.... called "Full Body Rock" it is an adult revue meant to rock you. Look forward to more details in the near future!

Somebody got another eight-spot on the progressive quarter keno at the Lakeside Inn last weekend, for over $11 grand.... they just keep giving that one away.... takes a buck's worth to play for the jackpot!

For those keeping up with the soap opera that has become my life during the past 308 days of collecting the progressive jackpots from Caesars Tahoe, Harrah’s, Horizon, Bill’s Casino, Harveys, and the Lakeside Inn and putting them online.... status report....

Harveys is supposed to join the area sponsors in January, and if they aren’t, I hope they will let me know... Lakeside Inn just got a new marketing director, Chris Lyman, and he has yet to get back to me, and their sponsorship expired last month.... Harrah’s needs you to wow them to death.... tell everyone about the $59 deal if you remember too.... I hope that Caesars Tahoe will join in the fun soon, and the Horizon is onboard at least until the beginning of the year, and it’s my hope that they still like me and will renew... because if I can survive until everyone gets hooked... then this site is really going to go places, and the deals offered will be just too good to pass up.... You will have to come to Lake Tahoe because you won’t have an excuse not to!

It is the survival part that bothers me in particular. Corporations don’t have a moral conscience that clicks in when they have to deal with a single live individual outside the corporate world.... And many have felt too comfortable with me offering up all the information for them "free of charge".... My house is in jeopardy.... after 13 years. My car is in jeopardy. I have given 308 straight days of my total self to marketing the gambling in Lake Tahoe. My life looks like a walking, talking, Lake Tahoe commercial. The average week for me has been 128 hours... or longer. I came from the gambler’s side of the fence... I took all the business classes and got a degree at the age of 44 in business with specialties in marketing and business management. I haven’t been paid an average of even fifty cents an hour for my efforts. The Tahoe Daily Tribune newspaper owns their own website, which I don’t pay to belong to. Half a dozen submitted press releases and business briefs have been ignored. The local TV station has their own website and casino deals.... they won’t talk to me either. Even my marriage is in jeopardy.... made it 29 years until I had the damnedest idea.... the It is my pride and my joy... and evidently it is the undoing of all the stability my family has strived for. It has ruined my parents..... ruined my husband’s life, disrupted our home, probably cost me a car and a house.... that is if the roof doesn’t fail this winter, or one of the twelve 80-foot pine trees doesn’t squash me in my house... and still I persist... and frankly.... I am tired of being the visionary.... tired of being ignored by the community.... and for the first time.... thinking of leaving. Problem? You bet... can’t even afford to do that!

Still, even with the bit about being ignored, or worse... considered a free public service by the corporate world... I will go on until there is nowhere to call home and nothing to transport me to the clubs, or no computer to use.... Whichever tragedy strikes first. This is my gift to the gamblers of the world. Lake Tahoe is a very beautiful place, full of fine and magical casinos, friendly, smiling employees, and all the opportunity in the world to enjoy it now.... while it is cheap and uncrowded. Come, visit.