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More Big Money Pours from Tahoe Casinos

11 August 2000

Whoa! What a summer gamblers at the lake are having! Harveys hosted the latest new millionaire when a lucky player hit the statewide linked "Nickels Deluxe" for $1.6 million. Harrah’s unloaded over $116,000 to a lucky winner on a three quarter slot progressive. And there has been a record number of large wins at all the casinos around the lake. This appears to be our summer for money! It wasn’t all that long ago that Caesars Tahoe had the Lamborghini winner...don’t worry, they took the cash, so that incredible car is still waiting...only five quarters! And just before that, the Horizon Casino had the $7.7 million winner on the Megabucks. Somewhere between all that monster money, the Tahoe Biltmore on the North Shore in Crystal Bay had over a million won on "Jeopardy". While I personally prefer more thought-provoking games where I think I have a winning chance because of multiple options and strategies...I am not beneath stopping at inordinately large progressive meters and trying to snatch the nanosecond. All gamblesr have their dreams, and I am no different!

I want to take a moment and let everyone know that after six solid months of 18-hour days plugging the that I have the sponsorship of the Lakeside Inn. Todd Majoris is the head innovator... and I have to take this space to let him know how very much I appreciate every ounce of his support. Every time I have needed a morale booster, Todd and Mike Bradford (the "Prez") have managed to pick my sagging spirits up and get me going again. But then, their motto has always been..."Always friendly. Always fun. Always." Keep it up, guys! The new Tavern, Taberna Mexican food, and the Sportsbook all look terrific... and the new slots are pretty hot, to say the least!

It is not easy running what has turned out to be such a popular website with the gamblers of the planet on no money. When I say no money.... I mean "NO MONEY" because nobody other than my elderly parents has coughed up so much as a thin dime, until now. So, THANKS MOM AND DAD! They have sacrificed everything they own to see the day that this venture of mine gets going. When the casinos and corporations ignored me, or put me off... they were there. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and my parents have over-extended their own financial security to see this sucker fly. If it all crashes and burns, then we all go down together. My parents are in their 80s.... needless to say I owe everything to them and am into kicking corporate shins to make it happen. Anybody got a "connect" with Arthur Goldberg or Phil Satre? Corporate needs to pay a little more attention to Tahoe, and I will be glad to remind them of that. Everything on earth cannot or should not have to be run out of Las Vegas! And Star said so!

RE: Last week’s column where I said that I thought the Addam’s Family was a bust? I still stand by that statement.... The average daily progressive is only progressing at the tune of $1150 every 24 hours. When you factor in the 45-nickel bet, the low amount ($165,000+ today) of the jackpot, and then look at other linked progressive banks that go up by the tens of thousands.... how could you come up with a different summation of this game’s popularity? Everyone with comments is welcome to email me at anytime.... and that goes for comments on anything gaming related.. The "office" is open from 1 am-5pm, 7 days a week.

Upcoming in Tahoe...

Harveys has that wonderful two-day outdoor concert on August 25th and 26th. Peter Frampton, Credence Clearwater Revisited, Joe Walsh, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad....BTO, Edgar Winter, what more could you want? Ticket info is available on my website on the Harveys progressive jackpots page. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas... I missed everyone but Grand Funk Railroad when I was growing up. I like Mark Farner a whole bunch. I played their "red" album to death when I was a teenager. ( yourself the calculations, I am 46.)

Horizon is having their "Best on the Mountain" Rib Cook-off on the same weekend... Guess I can shovel down a bunch of ribs, or take them with me to the Harveys concert....wild horses couldn’t keep me from either affair! There is all kinds of stuff going on continuously at the Horizon. Old cars, ribs, craft fairs, chili cook-offs, motorcycles, truck shows, weekly slot tournaments... what’s your pleasure?

Harrah’s Tahoe is running the Broadway show, "Smokey Joe’s Café" until October, and I can vouch that this is a great production, and Lieber and Stoller wrote some of the best music of all time, performed by a wonderful cast, and produced by a wonderful crew. Not often we are given a night out....Thanks, Skip Sayre, for making sure that we had such a great time! This is a must for the weary gamblers; your batteries will recharge!

Caesars Tahoe still has "Break the Bank" for Emperor’s Club members to take a shot daily at winning a million bucks, and the second chance parties on Saturday nights offer all kinds of cash and stuff that everyone should try to win! And the Lamborghini all of its neon yellow glory is waiting...and for the folks who want the best... it is four-wheel drive! How? Don’t ask... But in Tahoe, well, that certainly is a practical thought....even for a $302,000 car!

I understand that it has been hot, hot, hot everywhere... but Tahoe. When the rest of the planet is sizzling at well over 100 degrees.... our hottest has been 90 degrees... and that was interrupted by a thundershower that dropped it to 62 degrees. Can’t beat that! Want to gamble, stay cool, and enjoy a taste of mountain ambience? COME CHILL IN TAHOE... TELL THEM STAR SENT YOU!