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Memorial Day Weekend Official Kick-Off of Tahoe Summer

25 May 2001

This year, summer arrives early in the mountains. The Memorial Day weekend is the official start of the summer season on Lake Tahoe's shores... the first of many days spent lollygagging on the beach, appreciating the jewel of the Sierras... and while everyone tends to relax and take it easy, I hope the issue of safety remains first in the conscious sector of everyone's mind. The casinos are bustling with activity, as they ready for the seasonal crowds... busy summer days and nights, with lots and lots of winners leaving Tahoe with smiles stretching from ear to ear.

Every casino in Lake Tahoe spent the last few months adding games, making changes, repairs, and improvement after improvement... and now it has all come together, ready for the visiting throngs, proud, and fresh... There are new slots on every casino floor, no effort has been spared... eye-catching new games, with new bonus features and, better yet, more jackpots to be won.

Caesars Tahoe still offers the best "drive-home" offerings. There is the red Mustang convertible paired with the yellow Nissan Frontier pick-up... a classy 4 x 4.... that gets raffled in a variety of ways, and there is the Harley fit for Caesar... or the Mercedes to be won for a few quarters... or if you really want the attention... try for the dazzling yellow Lamborghini Diablo... only five-quarters needed to win it... you should drop by the Emperor's Club booth inside Caesars Tahoe for details... and to make sure that you have a chance to take a free shot at winning up to a million bucks... Ah heck... there are so many ways to win at Caesars Tahoe... Just make it a "must" on your list!

Harrah's Lake Tahoe... Home of the biggest transformation done to a Lake Tahoe casino... at least in the 16 years that I have been here... the west end is complete... this weekend marks the opening of the California Bar... the massive new circular elevated design dominates the west end of the casino. Friday night, the 25th, Pablo Cruise will perform free on the Casino Center Stage at 9 pm, and the band Sweetheart will appear over the holiday weekend. Thirty different martini offerings are available... I have said it again, and will say it again... my hat is off to Harrah's, what an elegant and classy place they have become, and are continuing to become. It just keeps getting better and better... they have the only "Price is Right" slots at the Lake, and you can also play them at their "Bill's Casino".... or if that isn't your bag, then Austin Powers is also available at Harrah's... Shagadelic baby....!

Harveys is offering their "Play a Year on Us" tournament, with $500,000 worth of Reel Rewards up for grabs, the top winner of the tournament will take home $100,000 worth of action from Harveys... And sadly, word has it, there will be no outdoor concert this summer at Harveys... rumor has it that Mellencamp is still going to Tahoe... but where? I guess some things have to change when the ownership changes... but how sad.... The memories of last summer's outdoor concert will have to last me another 30 years..... Ahhh heck!

Meanwhile, for those taking notes about what is with the guides... the jackpots are on the Tahoe Gaming Guide by casino on Mondays and Fridays only... after 447 days straight and mostly unfunded, it had to be that way... however, steps are underway to try to get the needed sponsorship to bring them to you daily from both Reno and Tahoe in the near future.... and more in the way of casino offerings. It has taken much time to come back from the nearly web dead, and maybe you've noticed, but I don't go down and stay down. I have persisted in coming back time and time again with more and more determination... and the spirit lives on. I may be broke, I may be nearly on the street, but "I ain't going away, either...."

You can't make excuses about road conditions, and you can make them about the power shortage in California, and the prices at the pumps.... But you can't beat the excuse to visit Lake Tahoe... the water is always cold, the air is always pine-scented, and unless it is cloudy, the skies are always blue. There are thousands of hot slots and hundreds of equally hot table games, and all that money to be won.... Don't wait for someone else.... stake your claim... GAMBLE TAHOE!