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Best of Star Brooks

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Leaving Lake Tahoe?

18 January 2002

Well, the saga of Star takes yet another twist... in the "beat the bank" race, it looks like the win goes to my side of the fence. After ten days on the housing market, the house, my home, my life for the past 16 years has sold. It sold in what I consider record time... the buyers apparently are two contractor-types... and originally they wanted escrow to close and me to be out by the fifteenth... visual survey told me "No way...." The catch to it all is... and this is a good one to try and "go figure..." If escrow closes on the first, then there is no money until the first... but I have to be out to allow the cleaning and hauling folks in... on the 28th or 29th! Add into that formula the fact that I have three elderly cats, two old junkyard dogs, and boxes and boxes, and even more boxes of my life to put--where? And a vehicle that needs repairs and doesn't hold much content... a Subaru Impreza. This is going to be interesting! So, I sit... piles of still empty boxes all over the house... classified ads from one end of the living room to the other... trying to plan the impossible.

What I do know... is that I am not going to "kill" any of the three gaming guides. I am looking for a motorhome to convert into a traveling office. I am looking for a place to move to that will let me keep my old animals... and that apparently is not to be found in Lake Tahoe... at least not for what I consider to be reasonable. I am looking for venture capital to develop to the fullest extent all three Guides. There has never been a willingness to quit, or to drop the idea on my part. I knew it was a good idea from day one... and I still stand behind it... the casinos have got to pull out some more stops on their marketing plans... with Yucca Mountain, with the California Indians, with fewer visitors, lower revenues, and increased competition. Some corporate executives have told me that I have to come back as more than one person... as a company... and then they will let me deal on a larger level. I'm trying.

It's my opinion that the gamblers have better common sense than some casino corporations. I've learned and listened, and heard what many have had to say. It goes to show you that not everyone has to graduate from Harvard's school of business to be mentally efficient and see through the corporate stuff to know what needs to be done... especially when it comes to knowing what they want and what they expect from the casinos that they visit. It appears that often, Harvard graduates seem to be issued blinders and ear plugs with that diploma. I still think that can be ended, and should be ended. My plans include still trying to topple some of the old schools of thought and to introduce new ones.

Should everything finally come together, then I promise to deliver first hand reports from Reno, from Tahoe, and from Las Vegas to my readers. Here's hoping that 2002 will let it all finally fall into place... rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop for the millionth time. My thanks go out to everyone who has been so kind as to send me notes and ideas during the past few months... it has allowed me to keep the vision intact... and you have let me know that you like it... which is the most important thing of all... because I built the Guides and wrote the articles for you... each and every one of you.

Thanks again, I'm looking forward to the future again... I think.