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Landmark Anniversary

2 February 2001

On Saturday, February 3rd, the has its very first birthday... meaning that with few exceptions, the daily progressive jackpots from Harrah's Lake Tahoe, Caesars Tahoe, Harveys, the Horizon, Lakeside Inn, and Bill's Casino have been online for all who care to see how much money is waiting to be won, and how much is really won. It has been a year of wonder and excitement, and of tears and pain. Having my very own web business has filled my life with dizzying heights, and lonely dark depths, one right after another. The ride rivals any roller-coaster ever built. The price has been enormous and stressed every family member I have. What will happen tomorrow? And, always, will there be a tomorrow? It would be my wildest dream to be able to say that tomorrow is guaranteed, a stable and firm prospect, but coming from the still struggling side of the line for the moment, I cannot guarantee that I will not wake up and find the bubble has burst. For all who like what I do, and because I too like what I do, I hope the tomorrow's will always arrive, brighter and more full of promise than the yesterdays.

Being that frustration in my case leads to wild bursts of creativity, there has been another birth to all the sites. Right now, there is an alphabetical list of all the Reno and Las Vegas casinos to be found under their respective banners on the, and that includes Sparks, and Laughlin casinos. The listings include links to individual casino web sites. There also has been the birth of the CASINO RATING GUIDE, which is an easy to fill out survey form offering a chance to share your visits to your favorite, and worst, casino. You can fill it out a whole bunch of times for different casinos, and I don't care... results will be posted and updated weekly. Rate the casinos today!

Lake Tahoe has been cold lately.... -1F this morning to be exact. Raising the office curtain I was not prepared for the half inch of ice staring back at me on the inside of the window. I let the curtain back down with a thud and reached for a sweater. It is colder than usual. I gave my daughter the office heater for her apartment... and the baby. The car barely started, and the snow crunched loudly underfoot. Everything knew it was cold. Visions of Spring dance before my eyes, what will 'the Groundhog' say? With the energy crisis in California raising the rates for power and heat, and the rolling brown-outs below the mountain periodically affecting things, like server lines in Oakland going down stopping the email for hours, moving is almost sounding good. At least Nevada is close by.

GOOD NEWS! Even though it's cold outside, the casinos are still full of hot slots with even hotter jackpots waiting for someone to claim them. Harrah's is undergoing another massive remodel, and is missing the western portion of the casino, including the North Beach Deli. I know it will look great and be worth the wait... it always is. Harveys has the only poker room on the South Shore.... don't forget to stop and play a while during your visit. Horizon is still looking terrific with the success of Club "Z"... and it is a welcome sight to see people having that much fun. Caesars Tahoe is still giving stuff away and you can still shoot for a million bucks daily, and now they have the only real great paycheck promotion in town... cash a paycheck over $50 and be entered into the weekly drawing, in which 15 people take home more than they started with... top winner claims $1000, and it goes down accordingly from there. Lakeside Inn still is home to the Taberna, and the Tavern... the Sportsbook is still number one for easy access and offers 31 televisions, you cannot miss the action. It would defy physics!

The cold temperatures aside, Lake Tahoe is still the greatest place to visit at this time of year. Fresh powder abounds, the skies have been blue, and the winds rather calm.... the gondolas float gracefully rising from above the pines ascending and descending the mountain silently, taking skiers to their own private dreamscape. The snow-capped peaks surround the royal blue jewel of a lake, gargantuan in size, and the landscape is punctuated by one of the two paddlewheelers making their way to Emerald Bay through the lapis waters. The casinos remain uncrowded during the mid-week and graveyard shifts, leaving time and space to really get to know Tahoe and the employees who make Tahoe the wonderful place it is. Don't make excuses... just pack up your stuff and head to Tahoe. Just check the for the current jackpots and the road and weather information... and don't forget... it is chock full of Las Vegas and Reno information too... it is important that you check often... the California road conditions link is updated hourly and covers every highway in the state, plus several in Nevada also. For your own safety and the safety of everyone travelling to Tahoe by vehicle.... CARRY CHAINS!