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Lake Tahoe Metamorphosis!

15 June 2000

This must have been the week that everybody's order came in, or everybody's project started...everything from new paint, new carpets, new restaurants, and new slots has appeared virtually overnight all around Lake Tahoe.


THE HORIZON CASINO is hosting "HARLEY'S AT THE HORIZON" this weekend...if you wanted to see all the shiny Harley's (and Indians) and you missed out on the Tahoe Biltmore's event two weeks ago, here's your chance to catch up! Many of the same bikes will be present at this one, plus many, many more. The Horizon still offers all kinds of mini-tournaments, and a good selection of slots and table games, from penny VLC slots to $5 slots. Always something going on at the Horizon.

HARRAH'S LAKE TAHOE is getting ready to open their remodeled and relocated top floor restaurants, which are offering a "new way to look at Lake Tahoe," on June 23rd. Everybody is looking forward to Harrah's Broadway show running from July 14 until October...."SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE"...and RINGO STARR AND HIS ALL STARR BAND are here June 16th only. Harrah's has oodles of slots and table games and many of the slots are unique to Harrah's properties only.

HARVEYS has their "PLAY A YEAR ON US!" Final tournament round on June 16th, with someone getting "REEL REWARD'D" with $100,000 worth of REEL REWARDS cards over the next year...REEL REWARDS cards are like credit cards that are inserted into the card reader and give you slot credits. You keep any slot winnings, but cannot cash out the credits. REEL popular!

CAESARS TAHOE still has that neon yellow LAMBORGHINI DIABLO up for grabs for $3, plus their "BREAK THE BANK" promotion where someone can win up to a million bucks by using their Emperor's Club card in the special display and matching 8 numbers. Tahoe locals can take themselves and their guests to some great food specials, like a complete breakfast--pancakes too--for 99 cents through the 16th in the Roman Feast Buffet. From the 19th to the 23rd, anyone accompanying a local to the Roman Feast Buffet can enjoy a Prime Rib dinner special for $1.99! So take a local out to eat at Caesars Tahoe! (HINT)

Okay, has to give a tip of the hat to the North Shore of Lake Tahoe and the smaller, more intimate casinos that grace Crystal Bay and Incline Village. They all offer great gaming experiences in a cozier setting.

BOTH SIDES OF THE LAKE OFFER GREAT EMPLOYEES, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THEIR WAGES ARE BASED ON THEM RECEIVING TIPS...IF THE SITUATION WARRANTS IT, PLEASE REMEMBER THIS AND TIP ACCORDINGLY. I remember a Canadian couple who were horrified to find out that they accidentally had stiffed the whole casino after a large win, because they "didn't know". So don't say I didn't mention it!

THE HYATT REGENCY, on the East Shore of the lake in Incline Village, has always had its own presence, but is now adding, remodeling, changing, and improving everything they own. Rising like a Phoenix, from the new condos to the gaming floor itself, a whole new HYATT REGENCY is emerging. THE TAHOE BILTMORE has a great selection of slots, you can win a ton of nickels there, and the food specials....mmmm good! Try breakfast with three eggs, home fries, choice of toast, choice of bacon or sausage, and it's only $1.99! Across the street from the Biltmore is THE CRYSTAL BAY CLUB. Cheap breakfast? Try 99 cents. Or $1.99 for pancakes, eggs, and sausage or bacon...includes coffee! Check the weekly specials all-you-can-eat spaghetti for $2...or all-you-can-eat fish on Fridays for $3.99. Everyone has to eat, and with savings like these, you can gamble more of that bankroll. THE CAL-NEVA LODGE is the truly lakefront casino, with a very small casino, and equal-sized arcade, and this is the place for WEDDINGS, and HONEYMOONERS. This is a historical place of interest for gamblers, and it used to be owned by FRANK SINATRA Yes, MARILYN MONROE slept there. The RAT PACK visited there. A must-see stop.

Plan your trip to Lake Tahoe accordingly. Keep in mind that while it is 108 degrees in Sacramento, and 100+ in Vegas, and burning like a furnace in Laughlin, it is 78 degrees in Tahoe, and there are always 1000 things to do when you are in need of a break from the casino action. I think we have a million ways to stretch our legs without ever being bored. You can preview the progressive jackpots available in the Lake Tahoe area on the South Shore jackpots are available daily by 6 am, and the Crystal Bay and Incline Village jackpots are posted Tuesdays and Fridays by noon. Local weather and road conditions, along with a great golf link are included for your convenience! Every page has its own animations and music.

Have a strong opinion about gambling, or a story to share? There is a threaded message board available on the GAMBLER'S PIPELINE--and no personal information is required, or desired!