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Lake Tahoe Is a Bountiful Destination

1 December 2000

Whether you are just seeking the serenity of an alpine setting, or looking to gamble your brains out... Lake Tahoe is the destination for you. Thanksgiving weekend had gamblers saying "Thank You!" to the powers that be, as they wandered around town filling up not only their tummies, but also their wallets. Skiers and snowboarders counted their blessings as all the ski resorts put out the "Open" sign... And casino employees reported happily that their tips also reflected the increased traffic. The latter statement had me smiling... so many dear sweet people that have been suffering from the seasonal slowdowns will at least have some hope for the upcoming Christmas season... Many people just don’t realize that we don’t have the same wage structure as those in Las Vegas, and with freezing nights, and more snow due tonight, the employees sometimes really get stressed trying to maintain their utility bills come winter. Your tips can make the difference between survival and just plain being down and out... so if you think you have had good service during your visit, and are pleased by the smiling people around you, I hope that you will remember to tip accordingly if you happen to win a big jackpot.

That being said and done, let’s move on and see what else is going on around the lake! From now until the summer, with exceptions during holiday periods and weekends, the lake really slows down. You can find a bargain bonanza of package deals, usually running Sundays through Thursdays... plus you are more likely to be able to sidle up to just about any slot of your choice if you care to do your gambling during the graveyard shift.

HARRAH’S LAKE TAHOE is still letting me offer a $59 room night Sundays-Thursdays until December 20th and if you aren’t familiar with what you get at Harrah’s when you order up a room, let’s just say it is sort of mind boggling. All rooms are 500 square feet, have two bathrooms equipped with both phones and color TVs... You just don’t find that anywhere. The deal is so special, that you can only get it on the, and word is spreading... so visit my website and reserve that room now... I swear that if word gets out how cheap they are, they will be in short supply!

HORIZON CASINO is offering a Club Z New Year's Eve Party Package. This year's theme will be Roaring 20's (costumes optional) with DJ entertainment, and complimentary Champagne at midnight with party favors. Doors open at 9PM, cost per person is $50 pre-purchase and $75 at the door. Tahoe is extremely popular New Year's Eve, and the pre-purchase is the best way you can ensure being there... that goes for lodging too... many places are filling fast or already filled... but you cannot beat it if you like to party!  Pre-sale tickets available through the main cashier on the casino floor. Don’t forget to check out the SUPERSAVER SKI PACKAGE on their progressive’s page on the because if you want to ski and sleep... this is the deal... and you cannot find a better lift ticket/lodging deal!

CAESARS TAHOE still has that extremely impressive Lamborghini Diablo available for just 5 quarters if you can catch the nanosecond... and you can still have a chance at being in the final tournament for the "ROAD TO RICHES" slot tournament through December 8th... by playing in the daily tournament, and scoring amongst the top 100 individual scores... and the final tournament will be held on December 9th and offers $100,000 worth of cash ... the top winner getting a cool fifty grand of it! Entries may be won on their "Break the Bank" machine on which you can swipe your Emperor’s Club card daily (and look at Caesar... Donny Osmond double in the looks department)... by swiping your card you can also have your shot at winning a million bucks... Details for both available at the Emperor’s Club booth in Caesars Tahoe.

HARVEYS is getting ready to open a new show in the Cabaret Theater, "FULL BODY ROCK" which will be an adult-themed show that should, by all standards, rock the lake.... if you want the details the press release is under the banner on the Harveys Progressive Jackpots page on the I want to go!

 LAKESIDE INN is getting a new marketing director... and I am so happy it almost hurts. With a little luck and a lot of you visiting their own  page on the, I am sure to get them hooked back up and actively participating. I was really sad to see Todd Majoris leave the position after nearly ten years, he was a unique and creative innovator... and I will give him credit for being able to envision what could be done as a team to market the whole community. Chris Lyman will be filling the position in early December. A hearty welcome goes to Chris... and I am looking forward to meeting him!

Well, for those counting the days with me, it has now been 300+ days--over 10 solid months of reporting the daily progressive jackpots, and mostly done out of my love for the industry. I am clinging to life as a business with nothing but a spider web to hold me, as sponsorship is slow coming. I have to thank everyone who has written me, supported me, called me, held my hand, given me hugs when I was down, thank the gambler who actually handed me some cash for the bills, and let everyone know that such wonderful responses from the gamblers (whom the was built for in the first place) is what has kept me going, and going, and going. Since I couldn’t eat on Thanksgiving (the teeth got pulled...ouch) I did spend a lot of time giving thanks. To my parents, who gave everything they had, and then some, I owe what I am, and where I am, and have to thank them specially for letting me pursue my ideas and dreams...they are extraordinary people, and I hope this works out so I can give them back their golden years, because their future is tied to my success or failure. It is painful to see the ripple effects throughout the family, and I have pretty much called off Christmas this year for this family, anyway. There will be a better time ahead, I just don’t know when that might be, or if I will have to give up being a Lake Tahoe resident after 15 years... the answers won’t come until January.

One footnote... During this struggle to stay running and finance this without proper backing, I have turned on many occasions to the local media (the newspaper, and the local TV channel...) And both have had their reasons to ignore my daily efforts to help promote the same area that they supposedly market. I either present a "conflict of interest" to one, or I don’t belong to the same dot com as the other promotion from the area has been pretty much zilch... as is recognition. So last Sunday I wrote several TV stations and newspapers outside the area. One Sacramento station answered, and that was KCRA Channel 3.... Maybe I am newsworthy, and maybe not. But local bull aside.... I WILL BE HEARD! I think that is pretty indicative that some web businesses are all for the mighty buck, and really not for the area at all... And I think that sucks. Don’t mind saying it, don’t mind thinking it... after 10 months, if they don’t think that I notice it, well, then they are the poor ones, because it clearly shows lack of brain activity on all their parts. Welcome to Tahoe, KCRA.... I watch their station anyway.... best news team on the air!

Also, the Meyers Shell Station has let me post a flyer... if I have to do the bulletin board, window thing, I will. It is time to spread the word. If you all will tell 20 friends to visit the, then you too can help. Because you are the ones that brought this thing to life and have fully supported me emotionally through some tremendously challenging times.

Getting back to Lake Tahoe... It is supposed to snow a foot or more tonight above 7000 feet... with less at lake level.... Which means mighty fine skiing ahead... and the snowboarders are absent from the valley... we won’t see some of them until the first melting time next Spring! Soon the new gondola opens, and the casinos are already looking like Christmas.... I like the Harrah’s indoor stuff this year... you just have to come to the lake. If you haven’t been here before, you will be amazed... looks more like an ocean than a lake, 'cos it’s big... and the mountains are spectacular... the sky and the lake are blue... the air is clean and pure... it is cold... but it is unique on the planet. Look me up sometime at 4am...I run through all the clubs... I’m the lady in the ball cap and tennies with a notebook. Looking forward to meeting you....