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Lake Tahoe, a Colorful Place to Visit

19 October 2001

Autumn is here. The Aspens' brilliant foliage leaves a blazing trail of color throughout the mountains. It is a wonderful fall this year, the weather has been relatively mild, and each day grows more colorful.

People flock to the Lake at this time of year... cameras in tow... you see them off the sides of the roads everywhere.... taking in the sights, and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere that only the mountains can offer.

The casinos are suffering a slow down in mid-week numbers, but the weekends seem to be holding up quite well. Harrah's Lake Tahoe is still remodeling the east end of the casino, but they have managed to do it gracefully and still leave a large number of slots in play on that end, using the creative moveable wall.

Caesars Lake Tahoe currently has just finished enlarging the same sportsbook that they shrank last year, and now the entire lower area is devoid of machines as workers unfurl new carpeting. They also ended their paycheck promotion, but brought back "Road to Riches" with the grand prize being a T-Bird convertible.

Harveys Lake Tahoe is going to celebrate the merger with Harrah's on October 21 with a charity performance by Bill Cosby. Harrah's has reportedly closed the Seafood Grotto over at Harveys, a move that I personally didn't care for... the Grotto has been a favorite for years, and years, and years... a place where I celebrated many happy occasions. Sad to see some great seafood vanish.... and man, they had the absolute best Key Lime pie..... Ah well.... I guess it is progress.

This week is short.... for once. I don't have any clue as to my status at the time I write... whether I am still in business, or out.... whether I am going to be homeless and car-less (the heater quit when the temp dropped to 24 the other morning...) I will update if I can continue to do so gracefully.

Oh.... the email should be changed to if you haven't done so already.... If that quits working, there always is as the one I can get anytime and anywhere.

Meanwhile.... if Vegas seems a little big for you at this time.... take a moment and think.... maybe you are due for a trip to the lake.... If you haven't been here before, you will truly be amazed... and if you have.... you'll find that it is still the nicest place to gamble.