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Kickin' It in Reno

10 May 2003

Looking for fun? Discover or re-discover Reno in the quest for fun.... I was thinking about Reno the other day, and thinking of one word that would best describe what feelings the Reno experience invoked... and no matter what, it all boiled down to one word... "FUN..." They say the best medicine is a good laugh, and a good laugh is a result of great fun... and I’ve had a lot of laughs in Reno... it’s a fun place to be and a fun time of year...

Memorial Day is coming up fast... and there are a lot of terrific things going on in Reno, as we all remember our heroes, our veterans, our war dead... and as the nation launches the summer season, the ceremonies will be held, the boats will be launched for the season on Lake Tahoe, and the festivities that summer holds will spill forth... to be enjoyed by all comers. It’s going to be a blast!

HARRAH*S RENO is kicking off a lively and Xtreme summmer... with the first great outdoor FREE concert in the Harrah’s Plaza.....with Kool and the Gang....Their music has influenced three generations of music lovers. They've sold more than 70 million albums worldwide. Their rock anthem, "Celebration," is played the world over. And they continue to make music today. On Sunday, May 25 at 8 p.m. Kool & the Gang will perform a FREE concert on the Plaza at Harrah's Reno. Also at Harrah*s Reno... there will soon be a new major attraction in the heart of downtown Reno, next to the Reno arch -- the Xtreme Park located at the Plaza at Harrah's Reno. The newest addition to Harrah's outdoor Plaza, the Xtreme Park will be open seven days a week from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. and will feature a variety of thrill ride attractions. The centerpiece of Xtreme Park will be a 145' tall thrill ride called The Xtreme Machine. A three-minute ride that travels at speeds in excess of 100 mph, the Xtreme Machine propels riders 213' straight into the air. In addition, riders become human projectiles and experience a wide rage of sensations from 5Gs to complete weightlessness.

"The Xtreme Machine is the most exhilarating vertical attraction currently available in the world," says John Moriarty, co-owner of the Xtreme Park. "This ride will be the most intense three minutes of your life." The Xtreme Machine is powered by a unique set of springs that operate by transferring over 40 tons of force to a passenger capsule via reduction pulleys and multiple steel cables.

The Xtreme Park will also feature a virtual reality simulator that holds up to twelve passengers and will show a variety of four-minute live action films, including the Colossus Roller Coaster from Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Street Luge and a Runaway Alpine Train experience.

Climbing enthusiasts will also enjoy a 30' climbing wall. In addition, a wise-cracking mechanical bull will be available beginning Memorial Day weekend for those cowboys and cowgirls trying to test their skills.

The Xtreme Park is located on the corner of Center Street and Commercial Row, next to the Reno Arch in downtown Reno. Admission is free into the park. The simulator, climbing wall and bull rides are $5 per person and the Xtreme Machine is $20 per person. The Xtreme Park is open seven days a week from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. For more information call, (775) 788-3870.

Club Cal Neva in the heart of downtown Reno has their new promotion going.... if you don’t have a Cash Club card, you can get one for free, and get a $5 cash bonus for signing up.... and the good part is that members can pick up a coupon sheet weekly with all kinds of deals... the FREE coupons offer Instant Cash, win up to $200 bonus on video poker, Full House Friday, win up to a $20 bonus on video poker, a $4.95 10-oz. N.Y. Steak special, win $500 on a free keno ticket, $5 bonus in the Sports Book, Top O’Deck Blackjack, play poker for 3 hours and receive $10 free, a $1.99 BIG WIN breakfast special, $4 Four-Beer bucket, $10 in free action chips, a free appetizer or dessert, and a Free Ace in the Hole.... not shabby at all... coupons can be a blessing for gamblers... and the potential value of these is over $900... so a spot worth marking on the gambling map.

New winner’s photos are online from the Silver Legacy.... and don’t forget to take a look at the other lucky winners in town.... Boomtown gave out over a million bucks in a very short time... And I am still chasing after the rest of the casinos for photos! Sometimes it takes longer than I like, and I have to admit that I am the most impatient person when it comes to this... but so far, I seem to be the only one wishing to talk about Reno casinos every single day of the week, month, or year. Hopefully it will change.... and soon. I can’t hang on by half a fingernail much longer!

Don’t forget that summer is full of fun, food, games, activities, and more food.... Reno has got the best and it pretty much has it all now.... we’ve got Fourth of July, Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations, Italian Food Festivals, Balloon races, camel races, air races, ESPN Great Outdoor games.... all kinds of stuff. Why suffer in Las Vegas where you have to run from air conditioner to air conditioner day in and day out, night time too.... when you can actually venture outside and have FUN in Reno? C’mon.... come visit Reno this time!

(And before you visit, check the a href =""> RENO GAMING GUIDE for news and activities... and subscribe to the FREE WEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER ABOUT RENO AND TAHOE GAMING....)