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Jackpots-A-Plenty, Gondolas, Snow

22 December 2000

Lake Tahoe at its finest in the winter! The casinos have been full of the ever-smiling gamblers... it is almost becoming routine! That ought to be good news for anyone bound for Lake Tahoe for the holidays. There have been many thousands won each and every day. When are you going to come?

The Horizon is still offering ski and lodging packages, why not take your pick of your favorite ski destination, and get your hotel room at the same time? Only at the Horizon can you find the CDS Jackpot Bingo... someone finally got the 30-nickel progressive a couple of weeks ago, but the 15-coin jackpot is still climbing, and the game is fun.

Harrah’s Lake Tahoe is so neat to walk through every day getting the progressive jackpot amounts for the and they have gone all out with the Christmas decorations, they just get better every year! My favorite is an animated Santa dealing blackjack at a little table, it is displayed just at the edge of the high limits pit, and it makes me smile every day. The $59 room night is over, what a deal it was... if you haven’t seen a Harrah’s hotel room... you really should. I am trying to talk them into re-offering this great mid-week special in the near future.

With the gondolas running up to Heavenly opening on the 21st, just a block or so west of Harrah’s... it has to be a winter dream! Every day I pass under the gondolas, which are silently running up and down the mountain, and every day I see them in front of me heading into the casinos, and marvel at them. Soon there will be a new South Lake Tahoe... one with an ice rink, and a village, and a couple of mega-hotels in California, with quarter share ownership of part of them. It is going to be pretty different from Tahoe of old!

Caesars Tahoe has brought back the paycheck promotion to Lake Tahoe. We used to have all kinds of paycheck wheels to spin and all sorts of fun things to win, but that had dwindled... until now. Every week they draw several winners, the top prize being $1000, and it comes with a nifty coupon sheet and a couple of drink tokens. They are also playing "BREAK THE BANK" where Emperor’s Club members can select 8 numbers on a giant keypad in hopes of matching all 8 and winning a million bucks. There is a terrific second chance party every Saturday night in Cleopatra’s Lounge, where 13 lucky people get a chance to spin for up to $10,000. I went last Saturday and was lucky enough to get called, though all I won was a Luxury room night at Caesars Tahoe, but hey, TWO people did spin and win $10,000 each! Also.. At Caesars... all kinds of new Aussie nickels, just haven’t got all the details yet.

Harveys opened "FULL BODY ROCK" on the 16th, and I hear the show is great. All I want to know from Harveys is who picks out their carpeting. I had occasion to go into their marketing offices the other day, and there was this terrific-looking blue carpeting with pine boughs and pine cones in a tapestry design that totally wowed me... and there is a different version with a path through it in their hotel lobby. Love the stuff replacing the old red stuff that everyone had at one point or another.

Lake Tahoe is expecting a little more snow this weekend, which should really make it a very pretty setting for the holidays. Living at the lake is sort of like living inside a Christmas card year round. Today I passed the sleigh rides across from Caesars Tahoe... the grasses are taller than the snow in some places. This should fix that... There were three Belgian Draft horses hooked to sleds. I saw Santa Claus on a corner. The fire truck went past all decorated in blinking lights with Santa at the wheel. A child was selling mistletoe in front of the grocery store. I put Christmas midis on the pages of the and did I mention that my pine-studded choice of a home is in a place appropriately called "Christmas Valley?" It’s beginning to feel and look like Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe Christmas everyone... and when you’re done checking out the goodies and stuffing yourselves, try visiting Lake Tahoe... just don’t try it New Year’s Eve without prior reservations, and please, if you do... confirm them.

Happy Holidays! - What's up at Lake Tahoe?