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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

15 December 2000

The whole Lake Tahoe area is blanketed with fresh powder, more is on the way.... and the new gondolas that will run from a block west of the casinos up to the slopes of Heavenly ski area are whizzing silently up and down the hill... The casinos are full of jackpots awaiting the lucky gamblers who come.... and the colors and smells of the Holiday season permeate the scenery... Skiers, snowboarders, and folks wishing for a white Christmas couldn’t be happier! The next 10 days are still seasonally slow... so if you have the need to ski, snowboard, or gamble... READ ON!

IF YOU HAVEN'T BOOKED YOUR $59 ROOM AT HARRAH'S LAKE TAHOE... TIME IS RUNNING OUT! THE OFFER IS GOOD ONLY UNTIL DECEMBER 20th and must be used Sundays-Thursdays. Details are available on the along with the order code to get your special rate before it is gone! With all that skiing and snowboarding combined with all that winning potential in the casinos.... WHY WAIT A MINUTE LONGER?

HORIZON CASINO is still offering all kinds of lodging and ski specials.... including lift tickets to your choice of area resorts. The ski busses and shuttles stop right at the hotel and whisk you to the destination of your choice.... non-skiers can transfer the lift ticket value to food values inside the HORIZON.... and they have all kinds of slots and table games, and a movie theater (8-plex) right in the casino... and a great International buffet.... my choice for great Chinese food!

CAESARS TAHOE held their final tournament on Saturday, December 9th. I got into the final rounds, but must say my scores were still a long way from what it took to win the top prize of $50,000 cash... but I won some bill-paying money for going, and a little more bill-paying money on a slot while I waited. Now that "ROAD TO RICHES" is over, it is back to taking my free shot at a million bucks every day on their "BREAK THE BANK" promotion... it is free to Emperor's Club members... and membership is free. I also get to go see Charlie Daniels on the 30th.... New Year's Eve is too busy in Tahoe for me.

LAKESIDE INN will hopefully be back on board as a sponsor of the next month.... they just got a new marketing director, Chris Lyman... who is replacing Todd Majoris after a ten-year tour of duty there. Hey Chris, just let me know when you find your desk.... it has to be a chore!

HARVEYS is setting to rock Lake Tahoe again... this time with a new show in the Cabaret Theater, "FULL BODY ROCK" which should be an energetic adult-themed show.... The action starts on December 16th.... I have their press release on their progressive jackpots page of my website.

NEW YEAR’S EVE AT THE LAKE.... Lake Tahoe rocks on New Year’s Eve...crowds of up to 25,000 people pack the casino corridor at midnight.... all the rooms are packed, the casinos are packed.... but hey... it is fun. But it isn’t for the faint of heart, or the claustrophobic! If you plan on coming up.... please check and see if you can find reservations, so you won’t be disappointed.

Well, with snow on the ground, snow on the slopes, and soon the new gondola, with the Holidays approaching, Lake Tahoe is a great place to be.... and I hope that you will come see for yourselves.... and if you happen to get here before Christmas a real MUST SEE is the Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Christmas decorations.... they have gone all out this year, and there are Christmas trees tucked in everywhere, and animated elves.... And the exterior lighting is so colorful and so cheery... personal note, I am tired of strands of white lights and more white lights.... with a snowy background, it just looks, well, cold to me. Wish I could bring back the color to Christmas!

LAKE TAHOE BECKONS YOU.... Even if you don’t ski.... just picture the pristine snow-covered mountains surrounding that enormous blue lake, casinos full of jackpots waiting for you, excellent food, great entertainment, loads of ski resorts, a new gondola right smack off US 50 (Lake Tahoe Blvd.) just a block west of Harrah’s... running right up to the ski slopes of Heavenly, or sitting by a fireplace in an alpine environment. Now... It’s your fantasy, live it to the MAX! Come visit the lake. It beckons you.

For those following the saga... this week....

Well, I am into 316 straight days of putting the progressive jackpots online and while indecision about the future still rules my life.... maybe things are starting to go uphill again... after all, you can only go so far down.... I got a phone call from England yesterday that may set a new course, not only for the, but also for the and the Could it be somebody else can see my vision? A big break could not happen too quickly for me.... I get to be a grandma again.... anyday. My daughter is having her first baby! Maybe I can finally help her.