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In the Good Ol' Summertime, Tahoe's the Place to Be!

29 June 2001

Okay, so you want to go to Las Vegas? Better pack for that near or over 100 degree weather... Lake Tahoe, however.... well... try 72 degrees! Pleasant, and even often chilly at night... you'll find it cool and comfortable, and it has drop-dead gorgeous scenery. Should you still be hot... you can dip your toes in the cold waters of that big blue lake... dip your whole body... and you will be cooled... maybe for days!

Now that is out of your way... you can go play one of the thousands of hot slots in the casinos! There are loads of new slots to choose from... Harveys has added "Penguin" slots... Aussie-style nickel games that play and pay well... and they are putting in some new dollar statewide linked progressives... "Millionaire Sevens"... that start out over a million... Recently they had added "Austin Powers" and "$1,000,000 Pyramid...." Their deal with Harrah's, who is acquiring them, was slowed a little when the FTC stepped in and requested a 30 day delay... but all signs point to the deal being finalized by the end of July.

Harrah's Lake Tahoe is also adding new slots... as well as being the testing ground for the "New Price is Right Cliffhanger" slots... you can also find the "1,000,000 Pyramid" over at Bill's Casino... also a Harrah's property... they are also changing the offerings with a new Ice Cream Parlor that is going in, and Warner Brother's is gone... replaced by a magnificent new gift shop, with the most outstanding displays of crystal I've seen... got stopped in my tracks looking at all the new and shiny objects... being like a raccoon or octopus... I just wanted to stop and shop for those bright and shiny objects... Though the gift shop down by the American River Café is host to some pretty magnificent stuffed animals... and beany things... and the best fudge... let me tell you... root beer fudge is really, really good!

Caesars Tahoe is also adding new slots... besides the "Battleship" and the "Slingo" and the "Neon Lights" and the "Munsters"... they have also added the "$1,000,000 Pyramid" to the collection.... and they also have some nickel choices I don't see everywhere else... like "Swingin' in the Green," which still gives what I consider a great bonus round... They are also adding some new dollar slots with a "quick progressive feature..." Don't ask me yet what that means, they weren't turned on and ready to play yet... But when they are... It would be too tempting to pass up! They also have added "Millionaire Sevens" in the past few days... so guess you should just go to Tahoe to check it out.... you won't be sorry you did...

THE DAILY PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS ARE BACK ONLINE FROM LAKE TAHOE.... want to see what sort of things you can play for? Visit the and see for yourself.... Find out what's cooking at Harrah's, Bill's, Caesars Tahoe, and Harveys! Steps are being taken to try to provide the jackpots from Reno and from Las Vegas online in the same way... along with drawings... so please stay tuned... Those of you who follow this regularly know darn well how many times I have almost been forced to quit... But it looks like help has arrived... so guess we can all quit worrying... or at least I can quit worrying... and start moving ahead once again!

And before I forget... gotta gripe with a casino? Be it in Vegas or somewhere else... if you are really unhappy and would like someone to intervene... you can simply visit the and click on the Gambling Gripes and Giggles... the Giggles part being to lighten the load of the complaints.. So if you want to contribute a funny story about a gambling experience somewhere... just write me and let me know! You can write me at the address below and be guaranteed an answer!

Until next week... Gamble wisely, have a blast, and if you can, GAMBLE TAHOE!