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If You Subscribed to the Reno Weekly

29 March 2003

Okay, first it was being poisoned by the refrigerator, and now the hard drive blew out of the computer.... and it hasn’t been pleasant. You can seemingly tell when things are moving with the Reno Gaming Guide by the size of the disaster. Last week I was half dead from ammonia fumes, and recovering, and yesterday, I found all my files, my address book, and a ton of memories vanished in the haze of a locked and dead hard drive. Surrender? Should I surrender? Heck no! I’m going to have to beg, going to have to whine and snivel like a rat eating onions, but if you subscribed and you don’t get a newsletter sometime Saturday, would you please, as in pretty please, subscribe again? This straw that’s trying to break the camel's back isn’t going to... I have some, but not all. And while you are at it, please tell everyone that you know that owns a computer to subscribe again. It’s been, well, harrowing to say the least. I’m surprised that I still have hair on my head, surprised I haven’t pulled it all out by now... but whatever force is plaguing me, it can very well go to Hell, if it isn’t from there already! (Feisty, am I?)

Getting back to the business at hand... which is RENO... all kinds of things are starting to happen in town. The trenching of the railroad has begun, or let’s rephrase that, the preliminary work has begun, several of the side streets surrounding downtown and the tracks have detours, but it isn’t a problem to the casinos... and it looks like it won’t be too much of a problem for quite a while. It’s still very easy to get to all the casinos in the area, and if anyone thinks differently, they are misinformed.

Boomtown Reno has made its Keno games live on the internet. I think that is so neat... if you are a keno player, and you like to play multi-race games, y’know, the 21 games to a 1000 games that most casinos offer so you can collect your wins in the next year... well, if you do that at Boomtown, you can leave, and go home and watch those games live on your computer by visiting Boomtown’s web site. And don’t forget, if you are in Reno, that Boomtown has made the buffets international treats on Monday through Wednesday. If you visit the Reno Gaming Guide you too can drool over the offerings, because I have the photos and all the details. I’m also updating the tournament info... again... so look for that, and WIBC visitors can find all kinds of offerings from the Reno casinos under the bowling banner.

Circus Circus in Reno has joined the mix of casinos getting information to me, so look for that too.... all kinds of neat things over there, I’m going to stuff it in here too... They have a nightly drawing at 8 p.m. to win $250 plus an entry into the $1 million Stay, Play & Win Tournament, Daily Win cards get $15 in non-negotiable chips with $5...Paycheck Payday, which is a $1000 give-away each Friday at 6 p.m.,’s your lucky day, earn up to a $50 bonus with a natural 4-of-a-kind...daily, Perfect Game... complete your lucky game card and earn a free pair of lucky shoes, daily...Gift of the Month--earn 100 points on your One Club card and receive a free gift... $15,000 Carousel of Cash Slot Tournament, April 19-20... $69 entry fee, which includes a chance to win your share of $15,000 in cash prizes, free breakfast and awards ceremony, three rounds of tournament play, and a chance to win a seat in the $1 million Stay, Play and Win Tournament...Reserve your seat today by calling 1-800-262-8705. **Based on 110 entrants. Also daily, Winner Take All-Hold’em tournament at 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m.... $15 buy-in, and all the money goes to the player with the most chips at the end of the one hour tournament. And for the wine fans... a Robert Mondavi Wine Maker Dinner on April 4. Circus Reno Convention Center will have an evening of gourmet dining and fine wine at the Mondavi Wine Makers Dinner... an elegant seven-course meal created by Executive Chef Darrin McKillip, with Michael Chipchase, Executive Chef for Mondavi Winery, will perfectly complement wine selections from the vineyard. Tickets are $65 and available by calling 800-648-5010.

The Eldorado’s Brew Brothers has a super deal for the lovers of extreme sports... EXTREME SUNDAYS continue throughout April... the party kicks off with KRZQ at 8:30 p.m. with extreme sports videos showing on The Brew Brothers’ screens. DJ Freez spins your favorites from 9-11 p.m., and it wouldn’t be a party without extreme food and drink specials, including $2 well drinks, shot and beer specials, $2.95 wings, and $5 pizzas... and there’s more... KRZQ will give away incredible extreme prizes, with skis, snowboards, lift tickets, and more. So if you are an EXTREME kind of person, and I know loads of you are, this is for you.

Look for more events, specials, and "stuff" on the Reno Gaming Guide as I slowly put the other computer all together. It’s going to be a time-consuming task, guess I have to reload all kinds of things, like all my programs that I use, the photo editors, if I can find the darned disks since moving into a small RV, the word-processing programs, the ftp programs, it seems nearly overwhelming, when all I want to do is work like usual. Kicker on the deal? I have another computer, and the thought of finding half my files anyway, had made me giddy with happiness.... hooked it up, turned it on, started to answer my e-mails, and found that most of the vowels on the keyboard wouldn’t work! So I’m stumbling around this huge computer, doing it on a borrowed keyboard, and dreading the task of trying to re-create stuff in the laptop, and making groaning noises (in between tears) over the lost mailing list. I had some back-up, but somewhere it didn’t keep my life-line to the newsletter. It has me throwing rocks into the creek next to the RV too... pure frustration at its finest.... So PLEASE.... IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR NEWSLETTER.... RE-SUBSCRIBE! ( I’ll cry if you don’t....)

For those who were thinking of maybe changing their plans to visit Reno due to the war, the economy, the gas prices, and the other nuances of the day... gas has dropped in some stations to $1.93 a gallon, yes, security is tight at the airport, AMTRAK still comes in like usual, but so far, there is no reason to stop coming. Reno’s never been better... the deals have never been better, the food has never been better, and the gaming is terrific. Reason enough?