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Hot Slots, Cool Weather, What More Could You Ask For?

29 June 2000

Las Vegas is hot...too hot for a mountain gal like me. While they are having their 105 degree days and 80 degree nights, I am sitting on top of my mountain looking at a temperature of 75 degrees, and we have had thundershowers all afternoon. Nature at its finest!

Not to worry if you are inside most of Tahoe's casinos...backup power systems take over...and the betting continues. The scene at the clubs reflects the hot weather, as people from all over head for high ground and cold water to escape the heat. Tahoe is still bustling with activity in its efforts to restore the glamour to the lake. Like the jewel in the mountains that it is, the whole place is being polished.

The Park Avenue project is well underway, with hundreds of old motel rooms missing in action on the California side. The construction of a gondola running from a couple of blocks west of the casinos up to the Heavenly Valley Ski area is underway. Plans for the future include modern shops, new hotels, a village atmosphere, a skating rink, restaurants, and movie theaters.

HARRAH'S TAHOE has just completed a remodel and makeover that can't be beat. They had a huge grand opening last Friday, the 23rd of June, searchlights in the sky, and more. The hoopla was over the completion and opening of the top floor restaurants, which offer new lake views. This was also done while putting a million bucks each into remaking their dignitary suites. To do this meant months of a construction elevator hanging off the back of their tower, and stripping the structure down to the structural steel skeleton to enlarge and expand. Meanwhile, the hotel lobby underwent a makeover, including new furniture in conversational groupings. There is also new carpet, paint, slots, and more to look at. Harrah's is bringing back their popular seafood restaurant that has been gone for years, and it revives with original favorites from the past.

July 3 is a date to mark on your the LAKESIDE INN celebrates the opening of THE TAVERN AND LA TAVERNA. Featuring unique Mexican dishes from pecito-serving style, the meat is cooked on vertical rotisseries. I know that Mike Bradford, President of the Lakeside, and Todd Majoris , Head of Innovation & Marketing, are both going to collapse with relief when it is all said and done. Hang in there, guys! Dishes served here will be authentic, and unlike anything served in Tahoe before. The Tavern is a uniquely designed bar with $2 drinks all the time. It has bartop video poker, and a dozen multi-denomination Game Kings with lots of favorites on them. The Sportsbook has moved into the new digs, too. You can find the progressive amount from the quarter bartop machines online by 6 am everyday on the! If you want to know what's cooking on the other side of the lake, those figures are available Tuesdays and Fridays by noon.

HARVEYS RESORT sent me a bulletin that simply said that they are making a large announcement on August 25th and 26th about a very large 2-day concert...Details to follow. Anyone care to guess? They just gave away that $100,000 in their "Play a Year on Us" promotion. Now what are they up to?

The HORIZON CASINO RESORT has comedy jams from midnight until 4 am on Thursdays through Sundays, and they opened CLUB Z on the 28th. This used to be the immensely popular Lily's Beach Club. It has been scaled up to an upscale nightclub with everything from Hip-Hop to fashion shows in its future. Congratulations to their marketing manager, Evelyn Berg, on performing the balancing act of the century...great job!

CAESARS TAHOE still has that yellow Lamborghini Diablo gracing their floor, and gamblers looking for a free shot at a million bucks can swipe their Emperor's Club card in the Break the Bank promotion. Their nightclub, Nero's 2000, is the local dance hotspot at present. Monday nights feature $1 drinks inside the club. Hours go to ??? A great way to unwind if you have been parked at the slots or tables all day!

Next week, I am going to talk about players clubs, comps, and all the stuff we gamblers use to pick our perfect destination. What to look for, and what to look out for. From the gamblers to the gamblers. Plan your trip to Tahoe wisely. Realize that it still gets into the 40 degree range at night sometimes, and pick more than one progressive to go for when you visit...somebody might get it the nanosecond before you get here!

We now have a chat room on the for all gaming conversations. Don't be shy, you can say what you want, and we ask no info. If you don't like it, tell me, and I will think of something else. It is for the gamblers, and I hope you will use it.

Anyway, before the next round of lightning, I'm out of here! So grab everyone you can, and COME CHILL IN TAHOE!