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Hot Slots Are Melting Tahoe Snow

30 March 2001

Spring has arrived in Tahoe, bringing with it a plentitude of changes in the local casinos. New slots are springing up like April flowers.

Caesars Tahoe has the neon yellow Nissan Frontier 4 x 4 pickup truck, laden with prizes ranging from bicycles on top to a big screen tv in the back and the red Mustang convertible gracing their casino floor, both will be given away in June... details available at the Emperor’s Club booth.. And Caesars is sporting a newly remodeled sports book and race book, along with a new slot area. You can still try to "Break the Bank" for a million dollars a day by swiping your Emperor’s Club card and picking out eight numbers. Match the eight and Caesar will reward you with a million dollars!

Harrah’s Lake Tahoe >has been the hub of much activity lately. The entire west end of the casino is being remodeled on a massive scale, with new carpets, ceilings, the works... part of it is open, and part hidden by a wall... trust Harrah’s to make a mystery out of what is going on behind the wall... from what I have seen so far, it is well worth watching and waiting. Class act every time they do something! The new Keno section at Harrah’s, now located by the North Beach Deli, is a shining example of what I consider to be a "keno parlor."

Horizon Casino is planning for some changes ahead... and meanwhile they are scurrying around putting new slot games on the floor. They recently added the five nickel Blondie game with a progressive that starts at $25,000, and another new addition is a multi-game Bally video slot with lots of strange keno, and a game I kind of like for what little I have played it, Pick ‘em Poker.. Though these are nickels, and I am familiar with the quarter version...and found it entertaining and somewhat profitable.

Harveys has had many a slot payoff lately... I walk through every day getting the progressive jackpots (today was day 418) and putting them on and am always amazed by the sheer number of progressives available on the casino floor. They also took top honors from Casino Player magazine for the best Player’s Club... you can check out the Tahoe Player’s Club at Harveys and get your "REEL REWARDS" too.. Why miss out on the fun?

Lakeside Inn is now hosting their "Cash Bash" giveaway in the Tavern downstairs... where you can enjoy the 31 TVs, the sports book, the Taberna Mexican Restaurant, and a wide assortment of slot games and denominations. Also upcoming is their Slot and Video Poker Tournament.. Which is bound to be popular.

I am happy to report that progress is being made in my efforts to bring the jackpots from other areas online to gamblers everywhere on a daily basis. I need a collective finger-crossing, from every one of you... because I am going for the big casino chains... in an effort to bring you "what’s up in Reno, and Las Vegas"... also, with a little luck and another shove and push or two, it looks like life is going to breathe into the host to Gambling Gripes and Giggles, and the Total Casino Rating System... have your say... and if you want someone to step in and try and resolve an issue with a casino.... you can do that too... FREE.

Just remember, "Spring is in the air, snow is melting everywhere... Jackpots like the rivers flow, only in Lake Tahoe."