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Going up?

22 February 2003

After scraping along on the bottom side of down for a while, it looks like things are moving up again. I got an e-mail the other day that announced the inaugural issue of the Casino City Times Weekly Edition (formerly the Casino City Newsletter), which is an extension of the new Casino City Times website, and the latest addition to the Casino City Network of websites. When I clicked on it, I was amazed to see a wonderful lay-out of the authors, and the archives.... it amazed me... I’m now one of the Casino City Times’ Gaming Gurus! I don’t keep track much of where I am in time with these columns, so here’s the lazy woman’s way of keeping track... there are 116 columns now... So if you wind up visiting Casino City Times be sure to sign up for the mailing list if you haven’t already! I’m flattered to be considered a Gaming Guru and to be in such company.

The Reno Gaming Guide is making it a little further and further along each week, as more people subscribe to the free weekly e-newsletter, and find that there is a web site about Reno now... filling a gap that was obviously there if you tried to find Reno gambling information all on one web site, without having to figure out what the URL of each casino was, and allowing the gamblers to seek answers to the always important questions they have when planning their trips to Reno, whether it be a return trip or a first visit. People enjoy seeing the photos of the winners online, and if given a chance to do so in Reno, they love to have the progressive jackpots available to be won in Reno online daily. My tennis shoes are ready... I’m ready to show you the money, any time the Reno casinos are ready to rock and roll.

About that Reno info... Action Ball is going strong at John Ascuaga’s Nugget where you can win up to $50,000 instantly by just playing your favorite games to receive your Action Ball tickets.... present your tickets at the Action Ball display and play and win. They give away $5000 in cash prizes every Sunday (every Action Ball play is also a drawing entry to win in the Sunday drawings). And the Grand Prize Drawing is for a brand new 2003 Corvette! Also, Cole Porter fans can enjoy "Simply Cole!" which is a Cole Porter Musical Celebration... Wednesdays through March 26th.

Yesterday was a little bit of every kind of weather at once, so I decided to embark on a voyage through Circus Circus, Silver Legacy, and the Eldorado. It is always a pleasant stroll, and this time there were a lot of jackpot noises filling the air in all three. Several people were collecting various dollar amounts throughout Circus Circus, and I remarked that it was a happy noise to hear. It didn’t stop as one casino transformed into another (the three are connected) and as I approached the Silver Legacy’s unique mining machine, the noise continued. It looked like a good day for gamblers... and it didn’t stop there, either. When I crossed the Eldorado statues (big horses with water, one of those have to see things in the Eldorado Mezzanine.. ) I had to pause and admire the restaurants in the little plaza area, making a note to eat at La Strada in the near future, and when I went down to the casino, the winning sounds continued.... it seemed that all three were creating smiles for the gamblers. So if you have a rainy day in Reno and you want to enjoy three entirely different worlds without having to step out, this is where you want to be!

Peppermill Reno is the latest announcing Ticket In Ticket Out technology and announcing that they have 400 Ticket In Ticket out machines throughout the casino, as well as over 2,000 slots accepting cash. I like the technology... others heavy on Ticket In and Ticket Out are Eldorado, Reno Hilton, Tamarack Junction, and Boomtown. For those who might suffer withdrawal pains if they didn’t hear the clink of coins, the machines all clink before they issue a ticket. I don’t miss what I thought were poorly designed coin hoppers, don’t feel the need for a net for my coins, don’t miss the dirty coins one iota, and think the technology is way overdue. Just make sure that if you are playing a slot with the ticket function and it is in a smaller or older casino, to make sure that it is hooked up.... I went into one yesterday, not thinking it wouldn’t be hooked up, and when I went to leave, I discovered that it was not hooked up, and the wait was seemingly forever to get my money. Next time, I will ask.

Missing a couple of odd things in Reno lately... or maybe it is just me. I remember that years ago, in the skywalk of the Flamingo Reno, there used to be a giant statue of Buddha, and occasionally it talked. We used to walk through just to watch unsuspecting people jump halfway out of their skins when it went off. It is missing... I think it went awol before the Flamingo left... another missing attraction was the laughing (shrieking?) woman that used to be in front of Boomtown. Animated, funny, it always put smiles on people's faces before they entered Boomtown’s casino. I wonder why they took it out... thinking it would be wonderful to have your guests all smiling and chuckling when entering the casino... kind of a real mood setter.

Atlantis Casino Resort has new carpet going in. Some expert in gaming claims that casino carpet should be ugly... so our eyes don’t look down.... so we stay focused on "the action..." I as a gambler, disagree. I don’t know if he was trying to imply that the Atlantis was getting ugly carpet, or what... but I actually liked the carpet... enough to look at it... because I thought the design fit the tropical atmospheres created by the Atlantis... and also wanted to add that if I really found a carpet offensive, and I have in past found one or two dizzying designs... I won’t concentrate or focus on the action, heck... I’ll just avoid the place like the plague! Don’t know about others, but I know that is my gut reaction to really ugly carpet. I’ll settle for nice, plus, and elegant, but please don’t offend me with truly ugly... Congratulations, Atlantis, the new carpet is really quite lovely, and goes with the decor really well!

Before I leave off, I wanted to mention the terrific food specials found over at Rail City in Sparks... Until the end of February you can get a blackened rib eye steak served with French Quarter fried potatoes for $4.95 in the Club Car Restaurant and Buffet, and it is available 24 hours a day.... you can't beat that, unless it is their other special, which is two complete New York steak dinners for $9.95 in the casino’s restaurant... and I can tell you from experience that is great, and you shouldn’t miss that one either!

I want to thank everyone who has been poking their pins into my guest map... I guess it is a very few that cannot get it to work, and I can’t seem to find much out there to replace it... so it stays... it is something that I hope everyone will put a pin in, and let us know where you are from. If you have any questions about Reno that I can answer, please get in touch and by all means, ask! I’m always happy to hear from readers about their opinions... and please, if you are visiting the Reno Gaming Guide and you want to put your own Slot Rating online, you can do it easily.... a couple of people have. And a reminder... it does not have to be a slot in Reno... comments about all US and Canadian slot machines are welcome!

So look no further, just hop the first plane, train, bus, or passing car and head to Reno! It’s a fun place, and a friendly place... and a relaxing place to be. Fine foods, wines, games, hotels, museums, you name it... you can find it here! C’ya soon!