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Fresh Powdered Slopes, Broiling Hot Slots

2 March 2001

Okay, I know a lot of you have snow at this time of year... but does it come with a giant sapphire-blue lake, snow-covered mountain peaks, and all the joys the gambler looks for in a casino? Right, it is hard to beat Lake Tahoe for the environment, for the intimacy of the casinos, for the hot slots, for the less-crowded casinos, for the food, the entertainment, or the atmosphere.... Gambling at the Lake is always an enjoyable experience, and maybe just a little finer now that we are fresh out of immediate holidays... the crowds thin, but the jackpots do not. The weight gain for the jackpots is acceptable and welcomed. So is the lack of a crowd.

Harrah's Lake Tahoe is going to be done with their work shortly and re-open the North Beach Deli... which will delight those of us who are "bread bowl addicts" and sandwich "junkies...." They also scored with me big time for sending me to see Willie Nelson in their showroom last Friday on my birthday. Willie did what only Willie can do in the way that only Willie can do it. If you are a Willie fan, then you know what I am talking about.... But we did drop by the buffet at Caesar's Tahoe first.... to crack all the crab and peel all the shrimp we could eat.... They do that on Fridays... It is great.... also had to grab a piece of that pizza... and toss a quarter or two into some keno....

Caesars Tahoe will have the Race Book and the Sports Book back in total action in another two weeks... I had to call to see what happened to my yellow Nissan Frontier 4x4 truck that I wanted to win... it was 5 nickels... I was going to paint my logo on it and put "I won it at Caesars Tahoe" on the back... but unfortunately for dreamers.... it will become part of another give-away in the future. I am going to miss that truck... it was one of the things that kept both myself and my husband coming back...and back. That doesn't mean that I won't try if it is offered up another way... It is just that there are many people who wanted to win it on the slot bank.... and there will be many disappointed people that I will have to break the news to... Oh Caesar.... why? Maybe I should yank on his toga?

Harveys announced last week that they have three new CEOs taking the reins... I'm impressed... I e-mailed the one in charge of day-to-day operations, Wade Hundley, at the end of last week about what I do with my and the Tahoe progressive jackpots, and got a positive reply from him on Sunday evening.... Can't be anything but great if he was working on Sunday... that ought to inspire a little guilt in some others, I think. I would have run right down to meet him, but on Monday morning, I did the 4-step butt bounce on the ice on my front steps... so we are approaching the writing from atop a pillow. In another day or so, my butt ought to be fit to travel with me. Also, don't forget that Harveys has the only poker room on the South Shore.... I would like to see them all come back, but I am afraid that poker may never re-appear, and for that, I am sorry. That, and the Bingo... quite frankly, I am not impressed enough by the nearest Indian casino in California to go play Bingo, or try their poker games... or even look at their slots. I live in Lake Tahoe. I am spoiled... admittedly so... and I like it... going down the mountain is not my cup of tea.

Lakeside Inn still offers the die-hard keno player hope. Everybody used to have tons of video keno and a live game. Now the video keno is included in some multi-game slots... but if you go to the Lakeside Inn next trip to Tahoe... you will find keno of all kinds, with all kinds of payouts... and be able to have a whole lotta fun with a whole lotta keno players.... You just have to check it out!

Horizon Casino is full of happy "Club 'Z' " goers.... looks like the upscale nightclub idea has taken hold... I see people dressed up and smiling about it... something rare to see when it comes to Generation X... but they too are enjoying the festivities... Also at the Horizon... all kinds of new VLC penny/nickel games in the coinless version... gads, don't you just love it? No dirty old germy coins to dig out... just grab the clean little white slip of paper and head to the cashier's cage... you now can enjoy games like "Fishin' Buddies" and "Gopher Cash" and stay clean and healthy and have fun. What more could you ask for? They also keep adding new "Aussie"-type slots.... I still like "THE MUNSTERS." Herman is cute even as a cartoon on a slot... and the pay isn't shabby either!

I am still "growing" up all the sites... if you have input, ideas, comments, or suggestions... you can email me at: and yes... I will answer. Have a gripe, or have a giggle to share? Again, I am always available.

So when you want to gamble, and when you want to look at a very nice change of scenery, you can count on it all being at Lake Tahoe. Great games, great entertainment, great food... and a cut above it all... the employees of Lake Tahoe. Come.... GAMBLE TAHOE!